An enthusiastic collector of Islay Scotches, small-batch and cask-strength Bourbons and Ryes.

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Favourite whisky(s): Ardbeg; Caol Ila; Highland Park; George T. Stagg; Laphroaig; William Larue Weller

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Requiem wrote:

Just thought I'd offer probably the weirdest whisky storage case idea. Buy an old wooden canoe and cut it in half, add shelves, and you have two eclectic standing whisky display cases.

29 August 2011 21:38

MLB wrote:

A good idea. My wife isn't going to sacrifice a closet, though. Ever seen an old cask converted into something that holds bottles?

17 September 2010 21:51

kellpatt wrote:

I have a friend who converted a closet into a whisky cabinet with gorgeous shelving and a glass-doored center section for his rare bottles. He has quite the collection and has a party once a year where we all stand and admire his collection and the display case.

17 September 2010 03:56

MLB wrote:

Does anyone have a good suggestion for storing/displaying whiskey bottles?

16 September 2010 22:57

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