New to whisky, but liking it more with every sip. Still don't get the peat thing, though.

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    • Highland Park 18 Year old - Impressive Depth and Balance

      By smith on 12th Apr 20112011-04-12T02:17:00


      This malt is surprisingly light in color for such a rich nose and mouth experience. Goes to show how little color means. I've gotten more different notes from this than any other malt so far. The i… read more

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    • Macallan 18 year old Sherry Oak - Rich Nose, Simple Palate

      By smith on 12th Apr 20112011-04-12T02:06:00


      The Macallan 18 Sherry Oak has a complex nose, with dried fruit, honey, vanilla, apples, and, strangely, overripe bananas all perfectly balanced. After a dash of water and a few minutes nosing, I was … read more

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    • Aberlour 16 Year old Double Cask - Toffee with Dried Fruit

      By smith on 10th Apr 20112011-04-10T03:09:00


      Strong toffee notes. Pairs well with desserts, especially dark chocolate. Hints of dried fruit and spice, especially apples, grapes, and pears. The initial nose has that distinctive Aberlour dankness… read more

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    • Glengoyne 10 year old - Honey, I'm Home

      By smith on 9th Apr 20112011-04-09T02:11:00


      The Glengoyne 10 yr is on first whiff a honey howitzer. The nose when served neat is pure, dense, moist honey. With a bit of water and about 15 min some distinct apple and citrus notes come out. Reminds… read more

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    • Glenlivet 12 Year old - Light and Refreshing Apples

      By smith on 9th Apr 20112011-04-09T02:00:00


      This is a simple malt that does one thing very well: apples, apples, apples. The nose is bright, the body is clean, and the finish is fairly long. All the while you're savoring oaky apples, with hints… read more

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