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  • Glenfiddich IPA Experiment - Traditional Trying Hard

    By MaltActivist on 1st Oct 20162016-10-01T13:48:00


    For those of you unfortunate enough to read my reviews you know that I have always given Glenfiddich it's due praise as being the giant that truly champions the single malt cause among the fickle masses… read more

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  • Lagavulin 8yo 200th Anniversary - Spartan Lagavulin

    By Pandemonium on 28th Sep 20162016-09-28T10:52:00


    With Lagavulin’s 200th birthday drawing near and with many of the fans concerns were growing: would Diageo would make us pay dearly for the jubilee edition, are they cocky enough to force a NAS down our… read more

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  • Ardbeg Supernova 2015 Committee Release - Spaced Out Ardbeg

    By talexander on 25th Sep 20162016-09-25T23:38:00


    The final edition of their Supernova series (the last one was released in 2010) celebrates the results of Bill Lumsden's launch of the whisky into space to study the effects of zero-gravity on maturation… read more

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  • Glenugie 1966/1994 G&M - Peterhead Let-Down

    By Pandemonium on 25th Sep 20162016-09-25T21:28:00


    In Peterhead once stood a small distillery providing a unique floral malt for the blend industry. No official bottles made it to market and only a handful of independent bottlers (mostly the usual sus… read more

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  • Bushmills Malt 21 Year Old Madeira Finish - Almost perfect

    By Barnbip on 25th Sep 20162016-09-25T18:45:00


    This is the tasting notes from Master of Malt: Nose: Rich toffee, honey, spiced fruit notes and dark mocha. Palate: Chewy, dates, pecans, grapes and mango. Finish: Sweet, syrupy pipe tobacco and mint… read more

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  • Scapa 1983 Vintage G&M - Ramshackled Longboat

    By Pandemonium on 25th Sep 20162016-09-25T15:43:00


    In the last few months Scapa finally emerged from the shadows as a single malt distillery: new bottlings (even a peated !?! release), a visitors centre and unfortunately they too are ditching that ‘cu… read more

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  • Booker's Small Batch Bourbon - Batch #2015-02

    By Pierre_W on 24th Sep 20162016-09-24T23:49:00


    In 1988, Booker Noe (Jim Beam’s grandson) introduced Booker’s as a private offering. It was “uncut, straight from the barrel”, which is how whiskey was distributed before the days of bottling, when cu… read more

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  • vinterrök - Wonderful smoke

    By Jorgen on 24th Sep 20162016-09-24T20:40:00


    Mackmyra vinterrök, lovely smoke remind me about PC12. Finished off in casks which contain strong ale. Oaky oily with hints of herbs and a lovely smokiness.. ???? Could easily keep dramming away with this… read more

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  • Ardbeg 21 Years - A trip well worth

    By MaltActivist on 24th Sep 20162016-09-24T13:24:00


    It's seven in the morning here in Islay. The sun refuses to rise. It's been spitting for the last 24 hours. The wind is auditioning to be in an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. And I still can't get the taste… read more

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  • Laphroaig Quarter Cask - On second thought...

    By Georgy on 23rd Sep 20162016-09-23T16:10:00


    I've reviewed this whisky a few days ago after having a few drams and I gave it a pretty decent mark for what it was. But I have to say that as time goes by this whisky becomes flatter and flatter. After… read more

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