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  • Amrut Fusion - Regression to The Mean

    By Victor on 4th Jul 20152015-07-04T00:45:00


    The reviewed sample is from a 50 ml mini bottle, given to me by @Nock. This is at least the fourth bottle of Amrut Fusion from which I have tasted, beginning in 2011, but it is the first review of Amrut… read more

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  • Four Roses Single Barrel - Floral bonanza

    By Pete1969 on 3rd Jul 20152015-07-03T21:32:00


    bottle TS 69 2B On opening bottle there is a strong floral violet scent with sweet honey and vanilla After ten minutes in glass no alcohol note present but cherry,vanilla and mild citrus and spice develop… read more

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  • Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Batch 9 vs Batch 5

    By Lifewaterforce on 3rd Jul 20152015-07-03T17:21:00


    After not keeping my word to OlJas about posting it straight after my Batch 5 review i finally post this review. Nose: Dense wood smoke (bark, heavy), a smoked-meat note and motor oil (2 stroke) greets… read more

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  • Lot No. 40 - Excellent, unique rye...

    By hunggar on 3rd Jul 20152015-07-03T06:14:00


    Well, Canada Day may have come and gone, but I think now’s as good a time as ever to post what I can honestly call my favourite Canadian whisky to date. Here we have Corby’s Lot No. 40. Produced at Hiram… read more

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  • William Grant Grant's Sherry Cask - Gentle Sipper

    By cheeserandyburg on 2nd Jul 20152015-07-02T10:29:00


    Nose: Soft cream, floral, alcohol, berries, citrus, fresh faint sherry Palate: Spicy, creamy pepper, rough on the edges, however, the sherry finish adds a nice sweet bite to make it much more tolerable… read more

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  • Hazelburn 10 Year old - Velvety and posh...

    By hunggar on 2nd Jul 20152015-07-02T03:43:00


    I’ve got a dram of Hazelburn here with me today. If you’re not familiar with Hazelburn, it’s the other, other Springbank. With Springbank being the legend that it is, and Longrow being heavily peated, the… read more

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  • Glenturret 1977/2012 Maltbarn - Majestic

    By Pandemonium on 29th Jun 20152015-06-29T23:20:00


    Even though it can boast the title of being the oldest surviving distillery in Scotland, Glenturret has a slandered reputation with whisky enhusiasts. To most it is nowadays little more than a Potemkin… read more

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  • Four Roses 125th Anniversary Limited edition small batc - Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 7

    By Nozinan on 29th Jun 20152015-06-29T04:58:00


    This is a sample that came into my possession quite by chance. I was at a tasting in January and @paddockjudge had prepared a number of samples that he did not wish to take back home. The intended r… read more

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  • Mitchell and Son Yellow Spot - Irish Peach Cobbler

    By PMessinger on 28th Jun 20152015-06-28T22:41:00


    Spicy yellow & red fruit loaded arrival develops a vegetal, herbal middle followed by long slow rich dried fruit coffee flavored finish.

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  • Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye - Real rye on a budget

    By Megawatt on 28th Jun 20152015-06-28T21:55:00


    Nose: fairly typical of Canadian whisky with butter toffee and wet stone aromas. But then there is an added peppery note, hinting at black pepper, in addition to a rum-like banana fruitiness. Not the… read more

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