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  • Benromach 15 Year old - Too much balsamic vinegar

    By Pierre_W on 29th Apr 20162016-04-29T21:33:00


    Benromach distillery is located near Forres in Morayshire and was established in 1898 by the Benromach Distillery Company Ltd, a partnership between Duncan McCallum (then owner of Glen Nevis distillery)… read more

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  • Ardbeg 10 Year old - I have grown up.

    By hongsman on 28th Apr 20162016-04-28T23:52:00


    I re-read a review I posted in 2013 wherein I gave this fine whisky a low score. I was new to Islays. As is nearly always the case, persistence paid off and now I am an almost exclusive Islay drinker and… read more

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  • Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky - Zen Art

    By Nemesis101 on 27th Apr 20162016-04-27T16:32:00


    I'm reviewing a small sample a friend gave to me that he bought on a visit to Japan. So other than it is 45% ABV I cannot say too much about the bottle itself as the labels are entirely in Japanese, (… read more

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  • Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve (Lot 1867-F) - Two Forty Creeks - Part II

    By talexander on 27th Apr 20162016-04-27T00:25:00


    I've reviewed the Confederation Oak before (Lot 1867-B, if I remember correctly) but then I started noticing that there are different batches. This one is Batch "F". The colour is a light copper. The… read more

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  • Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve - Two Forty Creeks - Part I

    By talexander on 27th Apr 20162016-04-27T00:12:00


    I have a couple of new Forty Creeks lying around, both of which I had tasted before but come from (I think) different batches. Let's compare each to the standard Barrel Select. The Double Barrel, like… read more

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  • Ardbeg Supernova 2015 - Stellar

    By MaltActivist on 26th Apr 20162016-04-26T21:05:00


    Distillery/Brand: Ardbeg | Region: Islay | ABV: 54.3% | Colour: Sunshine Nose: 24 | Taste: 24 | Finish: 23 | Balance: 24 | Rating: 95 Review The Supernova series is, in my opinion, why one should start… read more

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  • Inverleven 1979 Vintage G&M - Knockoff Fanta

    By Pandemonium on 25th Apr 20162016-04-25T08:57:00


    Probably the best known of the kangaroo distilleries (a small single malt distillery located on the premises of a grain distillery plant, trademark by Pandemonium), Inverleven was born in 1938 in the … read more

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  • Kempisch Vuur - Sweet and Sour

    By markjedi1 on 25th Apr 20162016-04-25T05:53:00


    A new Belgian whisky! A single cask that yielded only 300 bottles of 50cl. Once you realize that it was a quarter cask from Laphroaig (Pirlot from Zandhoven, Belgium was able to acquire 15 of those) you… read more

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  • Amrut Peated Cask Strength - Impressive India

    By Alexsweden on 24th Apr 20162016-04-24T11:00:00


    The Amrut peated CS is a real powerhouse. Big ABV, Big flavor and Big personality. I can definitely see why so many enthusiasts are falling in love with Amruts whisky. Nose Initially the nose is a … read more

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  • Fuji-Gotemba 1973/1993 20 Year old - Smooth and easy to drink

    By Pierre_W on 24th Apr 20162016-04-24T07:54:00


    Fuji Gotemba distillery was established in 1973 as a joint venture between Kirin, Seagram and Chivas, before Kirin assumed full ownership in 2002. This pure malt dates from joint venture times as it was… read more

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