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  • Balvenie 17 Year old Sherry Oak - Restarting on a discontinued dram!

    By Lifewaterforce on 27th Aug 20142014-08-27T15:58:00


    With job-searching and life-planning filling up my spring & summer means i haven't been able to spend too much time reviewing whiskies. But during my little "off-time" at my parents place in the south… read more

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  • Redbreast 12 yo Cask Strength - Irish Brawler

    By WhiskyBee on 27th Aug 20142014-08-27T06:48:00


    My first review since early May, as I’ve been but a casual sipper since then. Let’s be honest: I found I was drinking for the sake of drinking, rather than for appreciation, so I decided some self-dis… read more

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  • Pike Creek 10 yo double barreled - Canadian of the year!

    By Robert99 on 27th Aug 20142014-08-27T02:16:00


    Yes, this Pike Ceek just received the best Canadian whisky award at the world's whiskies award. My queston: Is it deserved? Even if I'm Canadian myself, I am not a fan of Canadian whiskies. But I find… read more

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  • Gibson's Finest Rare 18 Year Old - Midsummer night dream

    By Robert99 on 27th Aug 20142014-08-27T01:32:00


    I am first a scotch enthusiast. I will go from time to time to an high rye content bourbon for the sweetness and the big spices (think cask srtenght). I rarely go to a Rye. Without the corn of the bo… read more

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  • Buffalo Trace - Which Buffalo Trace

    By Robert99 on 26th Aug 20142014-08-26T23:38:00


    On the nose, I have vanilla, corn, nutmeg, sawdust and a hint of milk chocolate mint. After a while the rye spices take over, so does the milk chocolate mint with some cherry and orange. The rye spices… read more

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  • White Owl Whisky - A good white whisky...

    By JasonHambrey on 26th Aug 20142014-08-26T21:51:00


    I just said in the title it was a good white whisky - this does not, of course, mean that it's a good sipping whisky. But I'd have this over new makes/white dogs any day. I debated long and hard before… read more

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  • Ballantines Ballantine's Gold Seal 12 Years Old Special Reserve - 12 Minis! - Part II

    By talexander on 26th Aug 20142014-08-26T02:48:00


    My alphabetical order is a bit out of whack, but I'm going to try to (roughly) adhere to it as we go through these minis. This is a Ballantine's 12 Year Old, but the label is very different from the c… read more

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  • Balcones Distilling Texas Single Malt - Truly A Unique Single Malt

    By MaltActivist on 25th Aug 20142014-08-25T22:10:00


    The first two whiskies I had from Balcones Distillery were the Brimstone Resurrection and the Brimstone Blue Corn. Both spirits being uniquely treated to sun baked Texas Oak smoke. The result was a truly… read more

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  • Black & White - 12 Minis! - Part I

    By talexander on 25th Aug 20142014-08-25T04:27:00


    Some weeks ago I participated in the monthly online auction Scotch Whisky Auctions (based in Glasgow) and won (among other things) twelve minis. Thankfully my good friend Rick Culver was in Glasgow sh… read more

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  • Storm - Stormy Blended Malt

    By talexander on 25th Aug 20142014-08-25T02:59:00


    Well, here's something new on the LCBO shelf - something from the "Whisky Shack Company" called Storm (not to be confused with Talisker Storm). This one is a blended malt scotch from Lombard Brands (who… read more

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