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  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - No 7 is left far behind!

    By Robert99 on 28th Nov 20142014-11-28T03:59:00


    I don't like the No 7 to which I would probably give a low 70'. But I tought I should give another chance to Jack since so many loves it. So I went for the single barrel at 47% ABV. The review bottle is… read more

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  • Four Roses Single Barrel - Wow...

    By Megawatt on 27th Nov 20142014-11-27T21:51:00


    Every once in a while you taste a whisky that really hits it out of the park. I'm not a huge bourbon guy, but this might be one of my favourite whiskies ever. Also, it is one of those rare drams where… read more

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  • Ninety Twenty - Decades of richness

    By Megawatt on 27th Nov 20142014-11-27T20:44:00


    Nose: creamy, oak-heavy with noticeable vanilla and caramel. Not overly complex but very rich with some nice depth. Taste: thick and big-bodied, lots of sweetness up front before it moves on to big … read more

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  • Bowmore Dawn Port Wood Finish - Fish nor fowl

    By Uisgebetha on 27th Nov 20142014-11-27T09:37:00


    This whisky has been finished in a ruby port cask which would explain the attractive rose copper colour and the name. Ruby ports tend to be young, fruity and sweet, how does that work with Bowmore’s Islay… read more

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  • Balvenie The Balvenie 40 yo - Liquid GOLD!!

    By galg on 27th Nov 20142014-11-27T09:31:00


    Nose: OMG. This is a HUGE nose. You get the old wood benches, and library shelves which I just love (and you get only from 30+ well aged whiskies), It’s also dusty and old, with Blackcurrant jam, whiffs… read more

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  • Woodford Reserve - woodford reserve - first tasting re

    By jtotheesh on 26th Nov 20142014-11-26T22:52:00


    I have been a long time whiskey enjoyed, but never Sat down and took careful note of my whiskey experiences. Fortunately, the other night I had occassiom to really sit down and collect my thoughts. The… read more

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  • Banff 24 Old Malt Cask Single Cask - Sweet Taste of History

    By MaltActivist on 26th Nov 20142014-11-26T19:30:00


    Sipping on a closed distillery is always something special. It give you a chance to savor something forever lost in time. Something that won't be made again. Good or bad it's an experience I cherish. And… read more

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  • Balvenie 15 Year old - Cask #16272 Bottle #41

    By PMessinger on 26th Nov 20142014-11-26T04:06:00


    Warm sweet fruit oily thick slow arrival develops a long rich fruit loaded mouth coating finish.

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  • Lagavulin 12 Year Old - 2012 edition - Powerful salty peat

    By Nemesis101 on 25th Nov 20142014-11-25T13:57:00


    This is a bottle I have had open for approx. 8 months now and just reaching the end of it. Notes are all with just a few drops of water, but still keeping the abv high. It is a much lighter coloured malt… read more

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  • Talisker 10 Year old - Smoky and salty

    By ariperalta on 25th Nov 20142014-11-25T12:06:00


    Nose: Smoky, sea breeze, minty, and a hint of sweetness. Combined together it conjures a moment of having an aromatherapy massage by the beach! Palate: Didn't expect the fruity white wine flavors. F… read more

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