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  • Lot no. 40 - Lot no. 40 (2012)

    By JasonHambrey on 30th Jan 20152015-01-30T20:57:00


    This whisky was well regarded among whisky connoisseurs, until it disappeared roughly a decade ago. However, it was re-released in 2012 and was received very well - once again. It is a 100% malted rye … read more

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  • 18yr old Blended - Nothing Special

    By PMessinger on 30th Jan 20152015-01-30T01:06:00


    Warm sweet fruit arrival develops a pepper, vegetal middle with a dry short finish.

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  • Laphroaig 10 Year old - Uniquely delicious

    By Shane_IL on 28th Jan 20152015-01-28T19:26:00


    I was always curious about the following Laphroaig has until I actually got to try some a few years back. I'd never had a really peaty whisky before and it really blew me away.

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  • Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky - hard rye

    By JasonHambrey on 28th Jan 20152015-01-28T13:57:00


    Each time I have had this whisky (twice) I have been impressed, and it goes for about 25$ in Ontario which is as cheap as whisky gets here. Even posting this review makes me think I need to go seek out… read more

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  • Buffalo Trace Col E. H. Taylor Barrel Proof - Let the label tell the PROOF

    By newreverie on 28th Jan 20152015-01-28T05:17:00


    One of the first bourbons that I was truly wowed by was E. H. Taylor small batch. Taylor barrel proof comes from the same stock as the small batch, but is wholly different. I never expected the barrel… read more

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  • Balvenie 12 Year old Double Wood - A Beginners Dram for this Beginner

    By Phil73805 on 27th Jan 20152015-01-27T23:35:00


    My first review, submitted with a suitable degree of fear and trembling. I am still struggling to name what I'm smelling or tasting but I figure if I don't at least try to articulate the experience I'm… read more

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  • Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Mellowed - The Perfect Summer Dram

    By vrudy6 on 27th Jan 20152015-01-27T20:05:00


    A close friend of mine purchased the 12 yo expression a year ago. I've been putting it off all this time, I guess I just simply forgot. So, I started researching online and find out that Glen Morays are… read more

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  • Glenfiddich 14 year old Rich Oak - A pleasant surprise

    By Shane_IL on 27th Jan 20152015-01-27T19:52:00


    I got this bottle as a gift, I'm not usually a fan of Glenfiddich's 12yo or gimmicky expressions in general, so I was expecting disappointment, but on trying this I was very surprised. I like my Scotch… read more

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  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year old - Good, Good, Good, to the last drop

    By KMullaney on 27th Jan 20152015-01-27T11:24:00


    This was my first bottle of Bunnahabhain. As I neared the bottom of the bottle I was also left thinking I wouldn't mind having another. That is not the case of whiskies I have had nor even individual … read more

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  • Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece - Bourbon+Sherry=Masterpiece?

    By newreverie on 27th Jan 20152015-01-27T05:24:00


    Jim Beam has joined the ranks of distilleries finishing their bourbon. The distiller's masterpiece was once only available by making a trip to Kentucky. Now you can find this premium spirit in limited… read more

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