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  • Johnnie Walker Special Casks - Running Walker

    By WhiskyBee on 25th Nov 20152015-11-25T03:28:00


    The Johnnie Walker lineup used to be nice and tidy and easy to follow. As a whisky drinker, I felt obligated to include all the colors of the Johnnie rainbow in my cabinet. Not because I kneel at the … read more

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  • Bowmore 15yo Laimrig Batch 3 - Islay done right

    By Pandemonium on 24th Nov 20152015-11-24T15:13:00


    Peat and sherry, the salt and tabasco of whisky. As powerful flavour agents they often determine the direction of our single malts. Ranging from enhancer to the dominant force of our single malts, we all… read more

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  • Ardbeg 1994 Connoisseurs Choice Gordon and Macphail - Sluggish

    By MaltActivist on 23rd Nov 20152015-11-23T17:43:00


    I'm an auction junkie. It is literally the most irritating habit I have. Every time I'm checking out obscene amounts on various auction sites for bottles that I may or may not really need I promise my… read more

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  • Teeling 15 Year Old Revival - Hopes Dashed

    By MaltActivist on 23rd Nov 20152015-11-23T07:44:00


    My first brush with Teeling was with their Single Grain matured in California Red Wine Cabernet casks and I have to tell you I fell instantly in love. It was such a beautiful and unique flavor profile… read more

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  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year old - Good, honest fare

    By Pierre_W on 22nd Nov 20152015-11-22T10:50:00


    Bunnahabhain distillery was founded in 1881 by William Robertson and the Greenless brothers William and James. Production started in earnest in 1883 and in 1887 the distillery was integrated into Highland… read more

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  • Stratheden Vintage - Time Travel

    By TrailingTheMalt on 22nd Nov 20152015-11-22T09:45:00


    A sneak peak into the past??.. Well at least that’s what the guys at The Lost Distillery Company aimed to give whisky lovers from across the world with this unique idea. What’s on offer… A blended malt… read more

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  • Glenfiddich 14 yo Bourbon Barrel Reserve - In the Barrel

    By WhiskyBee on 22nd Nov 20152015-11-22T03:14:00


    I’ve been away from all things whisky-related for some time. Long story, or stories as the case may be. I visited the local store a few days ago to buy something new and different to celebrate my return… read more

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  • Glen Ord 1990 18 Year old - THE SINGLETON OF GLEN ORD

    By onoelo on 21st Nov 20152015-11-21T11:48:00


    On the nose, a gentle waft of beeswax opening up to honey, followed by distant yet distinct flavours of cinnamon, basel, Sinhalese pine, lemon peel, quince and vanilla. Chilly powder. Palate: Big. Waxen… read more

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  • McClelland's Islay Single Malt - Bowmore? More like Bowless.

    By talexander on 21st Nov 20152015-11-21T00:38:00


    I have ruined my girlfriend. Not by tarnishing her good name, mind you, or absconding with all of her savings. No, I ruined her by introducing her to Bowmore 12 Year Old. This fine ol' standby had become… read more

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  • Glenlivet Founder's Reserve - NAS Glenlivet

    By talexander on 17th Nov 20152015-11-17T23:32:00


    This is the new NAS Glenlivet - not sure if it is meant to replace the popular 12 Year Old, or if it has just been added to the range. It comes wrapped in a copy of the original license to distill, issued… read more

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