Glen Ord Signatory 17 Yr

Assessment over enjoyment

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16th Dec 2014

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Tasting Notes by tjb

This expression of Glen Ord was independently bottled by Signatory. Distilled on 30/04/97 and matured in hogshead 800090 for 17 years before being bottled on 04/07/14.

Glen Ord is the last remaining distillery on the Black Isle which is a Highland peninsula.

The colour is bright gold and it has good legs. The nose is powerful and at 61.6% you would expect that. Apples, melon, vanilla, soapy, honeysuckle and oak. This is a light and feisty nose, not your normal old man and slippers that you might expect. It opens up well with water but that doesn't dilute the punch.

Soft and smooth in the mouth but quickly turns punchy. Spicy, peppered oak, really zingy in the mouth. Slight rubber tang, acetone, bitter oak and then mellowing into apple peel and vanilla.

Finish is long.

This is more interesting than it is enjoyable to me. I can see it might be the kind of Whisky you spend time analysing rather than enjoying.


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