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4th Nov 2009

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Tasting Notes by BDeVries

It consistently astounds me that this bottle only costs about $60 US dollars. I see there are more than a few reviewers before me that have accurately analyzed the taste. I seek here to put things in more metaphorical terms.

Nose: Home, loving home. The nose of this Scotch makes me homesick for a place that never existed. A hug from a father with the scent of burning leaves lingering in his wool sweater. A mother at a woodstove, my favorite meal steaming atop it. Their unconditional love overwhelming me.

Palate: kissing a mermaid, the mermaid of your wettest dreams. You've just learned how to breath underwater and you can stay with her forever. But she won't mind if you leave to live a life above as long as you come down every once in a while...

Finish: the piano reverberation at the end of "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles - the first time you ever heard it, with the girl who took your virginity deftly, wonderfully, and with impeccable musical timing.

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jdcook wrote:

Wow - if I didn't already love this dram, I certainly would now. Very cool.

04 November 2009 10:08

Matthew_Gidley wrote:

very well said, sir. without a doubt this is my favourite malt.

04 November 2009 11:20

Jean-Luc wrote:

Quite beautifully put. The Beatles reference gave me goose bumps - I hear the piano echoing in my mind right now.

04 November 2009 15:10

brucefraser wrote:

Wow! exceptionally well written review. I'm heading out to seek a bottle of this today!

04 November 2009 15:49

yossiyitzak wrote:

Sweet Fancy Moses, pure poetry and dead on! It's amazing when tasting can go beyond the taste and bring you to a level of felling. Well done.

04 November 2009 16:41

markjedi1 wrote:

I haven't tasted this one but plan to, but besides that, whenever Mr DeVries writes a review, you simply have to read it. Thanks, B!

05 November 2009 07:58

scotchaddict wrote:

I've always found poetic descriptions a little silly but the description of the nose as a loving home is spot on, like a fire's been burning at the hearth. You certainly have a way with words!

12 January 2010 14:03

manningsmith wrote:

Amen, brother. Amen.

24 January 2010 06:29

francoiscote wrote:

12 March 2010 02:32

antihero wrote:

This review is awesome. Thank you.

Indeed this is a brilliant bottle.

12 April 2010 03:56

antihero wrote:

@ BDeVries:

Hope this is not offside with you. I actually linked to this little review of yours from my website ( Thought that others should see it. Hope you don't mind. Let me know.


12 May 2010 19:55

PeatAndMeat wrote:

Still the best review :)

13 May 2010 09:48

Shaman wrote:

@BDeVries: I am heading out to my camp and we had decided on a "dry wood" long WE... (I know!) just read your review and now I feel like I am unfaithful... Your description is so in tune with what this malt can evoke... Thanks for this one.

20 May 2010 19:46

Carlito wrote:

Awesome! I will for sure stalk your profile from now on!

20 June 2010 05:08

Sebrunet wrote:

Wow! Your review is quite welcoming! I tasted it through your words.

15 July 2010 00:11

GMalcolm wrote:

That's the best review I've ever read.

20 August 2010 15:38

Piero wrote:

@GMalcolm and the legend continues!

20 August 2010 16:37

LeFrog wrote:

Oh yes - @BDeVries and this review have cult status around here :)

20 August 2010 16:44

Victor wrote:

Excellent poetry for an excellent whisky!

09 December 2010 20:12

RobertH wrote:

Recently acquired. While I think the smoke comes a little more forward than the other flavors, I find it to be a favorite among family members, artist types, and myself.

Great review.

03 March 2011 05:54

Jaap wrote:

Amazing whisky with a amazing review. You just said what I always think with drinkin' this peat except for that Beatles song. Will follow you from now!

13 August 2011 01:48

Lakeboy wrote:

I'm just discovering this website and the reviews. Nicely done, makes one of my favorite even more special. I particularly liked the "Day in the Life" reference. Now I'll not have a wee nip of this whiskey without thinking of the song.

Also one of my favorite songs as well -- thanks!!!

07 August 2014 21:11

achapman wrote:

This is one of the best if not the best whisky l have tasted to date. The before, during and after taste are all accurately described.

04 July 2015 14:02

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