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66 Gilead Crimson Rye

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16th Sep 2016


66 Gilead Crimson Rye
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  • Brand: 66 Gilead
  • ABV: 47%

This is the fourth and last of the samples dropped off for me by @Nelom this week - thanks again.

This one is a very interesting one. 100% rye (NAS) from a Prince Edward County distillery. Finished in Pinot Noir casks (lots of wineries around there). They claim it is not chill filtered and no additives OR sugar are added.

A very good review by @JasonHambrey can be found here:


Bottle opened July 2016 and sample poured Aug. 19.

This one is reviewed in my usual Scotch fashion. Given the wine finish and 47% ABV I felt it appropriate to try it neat and with water.

Nose - Neat my first whiff is sweet, red grape juice, followed by a solventy (in a good way) smell that transforms into Cott's Black Cherry soda. I also get a hint or Red Shiraz wine (I know the casks are Pinot Noir). I give 22 for the nose but with water the wine overwhelms everything completely (21)

Taste - Neat a tart arrival, hot, spicy. Sweet red wine and cherries. A little thin mouthfeel. A bit too sweet and winey for my preference - 21. Water makes it much more bitter (though this does calm down )more spicy and a bit effervescent. (21)

Finish - medium -short. Tart, a little dry. Cherry in background. 20

Balance - fairly consistent but the wine really overpowers everything. 21

Score: Neat - 84/100 Water- 83/100

I am very happy to have tried it. A very unusual whisky. Not a real sipper for me. I would never reach for it, but it's not unpleasant.

Anyone who dislikes wine finishes (I generally like them) will be wise to stay away...



Nozinan commented

As I peruse this a little more (15 cc can go far...) I get a hint of something I've tasted in Smith and Cross Navy Strength Rum. Maybe the nutmeg? Interesting...

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