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Evan Williams White Label / Bottled in Bond

Sweetmint Evan Williams White Label / Bottled in Bond

As I continue branching myself out into American whiskies, I was looking for decent, affordable bottles. As I did some research, bottled in bond whiskies have stricter standards than standard bourbons…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture yesterday 1 280

Wiser's Dissertation

The Doctor is In Wiser's Dissertation

This is an abridged version of a review from my blogWhen I read that Don Livermore, Master Distiller at J.P. Wiser's had a Ph.D. in Distilling, (likely on this very site), I had to investigate further…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound3 days ago 0 390

Kilkerran Work in Progress 7 Bourbon

Malty happiness Kilkerran Work in Progress 7 Bourbon

After production at the new Glengyle distillery began in 2004, the company released a number of "work-in-progress" (WIP) bottlings, starting with the 1st release in 2009 and ending with the two 7th…

@Pierre_WBy @Pierre_W3 days ago 5 688

J.P. Wiser's Dissertation

Simply a stunning rye J.P. Wiser's Dissertation

Nose: Wow! What more can I say...this really jumps out of the glass. I get the impression of a cinnamon-scented beeswax candle. Also hints of raisin, dill, maybe dried apple. It is sweet, herbal,…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt4 days ago 5 297

Dillon's Rye - Three Oaks

Starts sweet, finishes sour Dillon's Rye - Three Oaks

Nose: quite fresh, very fruity. Apple, certainly some pear. Almost like a very young malt whisky. The oak is extremely light but shows up in the vanilla flavour which melds nicely with the fruit. …

@MegawattBy @Megawatt4 days ago 1 073

Talisker Port Ruighe

Complex whiskey alchemy Talisker Port Ruighe

Double matured in port casks and it shows - unlike my underwhelming experience with the Ardmore 12. Really enjoyed this one.Aroma - mild dried fruits from the port cask, mild smoke, mild savoury tones…

nBy @nicko6 days ago 0 087

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