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Construction work begins at The Dublin Liberties, Ireland's latest distillery

The expansion of Irish whiskey production shows no sign of slowing as global demand for whiskey and the appetite for Irish spirit continues.

24th Mar 2017
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Did alcohol help shape civilisation? New theory suggests link to human evolution

Why is alcohol so intertwined with human culture? A recent article discusses the theory that booze helped to shape the early high civilisations.

20th Mar 2017
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Whisky Galore! movie remake set for cinema release in May 2017

The 2016 remake of the classic Ealing whisky comedy, Whisky Galore!, is to be released in UK cinemas this May.

17th Mar 2017
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"World's oldest whisky" Glenlivet 1862 goes on sale, a priceless drop of history

This week sees the release of the "world’s oldest whisky" which can be purchased, in very small quantities, packaged in an unusual manner.

16th Mar 2017
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The Macallan Urwerk Flask: marketing stunt or engineering masterpiece?

This week sees the release of a £2,000 whisky flask. It's the result of a joint venture between self-proclaimed 'disruptive Swiss watchmakers' Urwerk and Scotch Whisky distillery, The Macallan.

10th Mar 2017
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Ardbeg Kelpie will be available for committee members this month

A scary, shape-shifting, creature is coming our way. Is that a sea monster or a new whisky from Ardbeg? You’ll need to be an Ardbeg Committee member to find out.

10th Mar 2017
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Bushmills unveil Red Bush 'Bourbon Cask Whiskey' for the U.S market

Just in time for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations, Ireland's oldest working distillery is to release a new blend, aimed squarely at the American whiskey drinker's palate.

10th Mar 2017
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