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A Fellowship Dram

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ewhiskey started a discussion

I recently opened a discussion titled "Question for Collectors" that seemed to rub some people the wrong way. Others stepped up and supported my me in the conflict. I feel like my stand is relatively well resolved in the thread, but I am disappointed that I caused such an imbalance. Whisky should be enjoyed amongst friends, or in this case a community. Tonight I am putting away any hard feelings, whether related to the post, or any other disagreeable situation life may have thought up for me, and pouring myself a dram of fellowship.

Who's with me?

10 years ago

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Maltmark replied

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ewhiskey replied

Cheers! I'm having a dram of Knob Creek Rye.

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Nozinan replied

Celebrating a holiday and grains are not really a part of it so I'm not in a position to join you tonight, but I'll raise a glass of soda in your honour tonight.

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PeterG7 replied

I'll join you with a dram of Lagavulin 16. cheers

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Anxyous replied

A sample of Balcones Brimstone Resurrection - any whisky review containing the words "rubber tyre" are hereby invalid! What a dram!

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JJBriggs replied

I'll take a pull from a flask of monarch vodka. Cheers.

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broadwayblue replied

@Nozinan, pretty sure soda is not part of the holiday either....but I guess we have to make some exceptions!

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Nozinan replied

@broadwayblue My ancestors didn't have time to mix in flavoured syrup as they fled so they drank plain soda in the hot sun. I'm sure I read it somewhere....

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tjb replied

@ewhiskey A nice touch. I will raise a glass of Balvenie with you. Cheers.

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