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A Request for You All

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JJBriggs started a discussion

So I'm gonna do something a bit different. I am part of a whisky club/society that has been operating for about a year now. Until recently, we have been using Facebook as our "website" to post reviews and updates. However, we felt it was time to take step forward and have our own actual site.

We rushed to migrate all of our reviews to this site and construct write ups for all of them to meet a deadline, so there might be issues we did not see. We are now in the polishing phase.

This isn't an attempt to feed an ego or get traffic. We are perfectly content to lay in the dark corners of the internet, but I would like to submit this site for some constructive criticism. If you see something glaring, errant or just plain wrong, please let me know. Or maybe you have an idea on how to improve function. Most guys just post their link and celebrate, but you get a chance to critique on this one. Go for it.


Be nice. I'm a very sensitive, delicate guy.

11 years ago

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GotOak91 replied

I gave it a look and I like it. I like reading others opinions on bottlings so Ill be visiting your site more often.

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Abunadhman replied

@JJBriggs: Attractive lay-out and lots of interesting info. re. the makeup of the various Whiskies, their sourced contents etc.

It wiil be interesting to see the direction the site takes when there lots of reviews and there are categories for the various spirit types.

So far, it looks very good,

Good Luck!

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systemdown replied

I like the layout a lot - it's not something I've seen before on a whisky blog, nice work.

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@JJBriggs Congrats on your club. Sorry to hear your wives roll their eyes. We belong to a club of 28 folks and more than half are gals.

I might suggest adding Serge's www.whiskyfun.com site to your sources list. Also, it might be worth your trouble to document each whisk(e)y's alcohol by volume percentage or proof and approximately which year it was bottled (see Serge's format). Sometimes the abvs change, and if you continue to source some of your malts from overseas the abv might be different than the USA version. When you get into Independent Bottler's offerings you'll likely want to document that information too.

The nit pickiest comment I can make relates to your a'Bunadh review. It's not "sherry finished" as you say early in your comments; it's sherry matured as you later state. It's all about the vernacular, ya?

Although you clearly state you're not going to do this, from a personal perspective I'd like to see some commentary from you all. For example I'd like to know your thoughts on how it's going in Washington since the state switched from state control to private liquor shops. Just me being curious.

Good on you for what you're doing. I look forward to watching your club's evolution.



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JJBriggs replied

@GotOak91 As do I. Thanks.

@A'bunadhman I can tell you the direction could change someday, hopefully in good direction. Thanks a lot.

@systemdown We were going for different. But clean and organized. Lets hope it stays that way.

@two-bit-cowboy Now we're talking. After I face-palmed for a few minutes, I corrected the error. If that whisky is sherry finished I am Jerry Lewis. Thanks for the correction. A shameful error, but I asked for it. I am interested very much in getting some techincal details thrown in like ABV and price tag perhaps. The year bottled is getting techincal, but batch variations as they are, it could be useful. Serge's site is great, of course. It's advanced in its approach, but the people we are trying to speak to could use some high brow. They aren't getting it from me, thats for sure. In terms of commentary, I am open to this as we grow. Its hard not to comment on certain industry happenings but we wanted to get away from what everyone is doing at the current moment. As we evolve, I will see how we can incorporate this into the site as long as we have something interesting to say. Thank you for your suggestions.

And by the way, in terms of Washignton State and our liquor changeover, we are getting it good and hard with our pants on with the 20 percent tax plus liter taxes. Also, most stores are charging a license fee percentage per bottle. I don't get too worked up about it, though. Between you, me and the internet, I get some of my bottles from Idaho. Prices will go down, at least that is what we are told. You have to look for the sales around here to keep the budget from busting.

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