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A Small Sniffing Problem

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Youngupstart started a discussion

Hello everyone!

Just a quick question to anyone who might possibly suffer from this specific problem. For a while now I have been having to use decongestants consistently to keep my nose from being, well, congested. The problem is the decongestant itself advises against prolonged usage. Anybody have a solution to this? Anti-allergy medicines seem to only slightly quell the problem.


13 years ago

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@Youngupstart take a bottle of supernova or corryveckran and sniff it deeply! it will free your nose! :)

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monty replied

Ah, not good for nosing @youngupstart! For a purely whisky related answer you could try a Hot Toddy? www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A823439

If you require a pharmaceutical solution then you may be asking in the wrong place...

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Youngupstart replied

Thanks for the responses. I will give it a go, see how it works.

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