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Aberlour 10 Year Old

A cheap but classy date.

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@IainVHReview by @IainVH

7th Nov 2011


Aberlour 10 Year Old
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(Without too many jokes).

Sampled in a Glen cairn with half a teaspoon of spring water.

When I decided to try and expand my whisky knowledge and indeed my cabinet, this was the first single malt I bought. As I was dipping my toe so to speak I felt that starting with an inexpensive whisky would be a good idea. Having now sampled a fair number of more pricey drams my admiration for Aberlour 10yo has in no way diminished.

The legs are long and thin (Twiggy in her heyday).

Colour: Medium to dark amber.

Nose: Toffee, dark good quality chocolate, oranges and maybe a few cherries. A very satisfying warming smell.

Taste: Fruity again with the cherries diminishing and the oranges getting stronger. A crisp fairly dry taste. This dram has not got as much ‘bite’ as some but is still very satisfying. Hints of honey.

Finish: Reasonably long with the fruit being replaced at the end with a slight bitterness with even a small pinch of salt. There’s no burn in the mouth more a warming glow which fades away slowly (like most drams I suppose).

I would recommend this whisky to anyone starting out on the whisky journey both for it’s easy drinking nature and it’s very reasonable price (it can be bought in most UK supermarkets for well under £20). Despite these two factors I don’t think this whisky will be discarded for more expensive alternatives once a persons horizons broaden. It is a whisky to be enjoyed for what it is, in my opinion, a inexpensive but extremely enjoyable dram. I should imagine that in blind tastings this whisky would complete easily with others twice of even three times it’s price.

I’ve tried to make this review a little less light hearted than my prvious ones, so as not to offend (like last time) but going back to the title , if this whisky was to be compared to a date I would say that the lady was down to earth but classy, entertaining but not pretentious or overpowering, full bodied and fruity, a little sweet and she didn't cost me too much money! I would definately want to see her again.


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Victor commented

@lainVH, I've tried Aberlour 10 and I like it a lot. Don't take this 'cheap date' for granted, though. It isn't even sold in the US. I am currently working on getting some from Canada.

12 years ago 0

IainVH commented

Hi Victor, Don't get me wrong, quite often the cheap dates were the most enjoyable and not just due to the lack of expense. Shame it's so hard to come by over there (the Aberlour, not the cheap date). Cheers.

12 years ago 0

Lars commented

Great review will add to my wishlist.

12 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

I tried this just the other night and will have my notes up soon. They are quite similar in fact, but a lot less funny. 'Twiggy in her heyday'. I love it!

12 years ago 0

smokeybarrels commented

Top review. I saw this in Booth's, Settle for £14 last week. Should have got myself a bottle it would seem!

12 years ago 0

IainVH commented

Cheers fellas, your comments are much appreciated.

12 years ago 0

jwise commented

I found a bottle not too long ago in the states (Houston, in fact). I found it a bit harsh, but a very good entry for Aberlour. Compared to the 12yr, it isn't even a fair comparison. The 12yr is just head and shoulders better, but it does cost a bit more ($25 vs. $34). Of course, the 16yr is head and shoulders better than the 12yr, but it is even more ($34 vs. $55).

12 years ago 0

Abunadhman commented

I think you have captured the essence of the 10yo. beautifully and conveyed what is essentially a prelude to the wonderful world of Aberlour: Not just an entry level Whisky but a cameo, if you like, of Distillery style and a promise of the many 'goodies' to come.

*****Well Done*****

12 years ago 0

IainVH commented

A'bunadhan, Thank you very much for your kind words. Cheers.

12 years ago 0

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