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Aberlour 18 Year Old 75cl

Average score from 1 reviews and 2 ratings 93

Aberlour 18 Year Old 75cl

Product details

  • Brand: Aberlour
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Age: 18 year old

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Aberlour 18 Year Old 75cl

This whisky is a 100% sherry-aged whisky with an ABV of 43%. The color is a "bright orangey amber" according to M. Jackson's Complete Guide to Scotch Whisky, and I would agree with this description.

Nose: Honey, cinnamon spice, toffee and warmed milk chocolate. Ripe peaches cut up and sprinkled with sugar, served on an oak cutting board. This is delightful.

Body: Medium body, and cool in the mouth. Rich.

Palate: Building spices, with a sweet nectar flavor. Honey, marmalade, with just the slightest bit of oak. I'm not usually a fan of oaked whiskies, but this is not one of them. This whisky just has the faintest hint of oak, reminding you that this whisky was indeed aged for 18yrs in oak casks. I could hold this whisky in my mouth for ages it is so good, except for the fact that the spice literally continues to build and build and build! Outstanding.

Finish: Absolutely smooth! It just slipped down the pipe as easy as water, but with a delightful finish filled with spices and sweetness.

I absolutely love this whisky! It is such a wonderful experience - from the nose, to the palate, to the finish. This is a superbly crafted malt, bringing everything I love about Speyside whiskies to my glass.

@jwise, wow, what a testimonial! I just picked up a bottle today, and will try it soon (when the time is right). I didn't realize it was 100% sherry matured ... I really seek those out. Will have to compare it to Macallan and Glendronach now.

Glendronach 15yr is a bit winey, as opposed to the Aberlour 18yr;, and the Macallan 18yr is not as full-sherried as the Aberlour 18yr, and is more similar to the Aberlour 16yr (at least, that's what I wrote back when I reviewed the Mac 18yr).

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