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Aberlour A'bunadh batch 35

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IainVH started a discussion

Just picked up my first bottle of Aberlour A'bunadh. It's a batch 35 and I must admit to being a little disapointed. I fully realise that the batches can vary significantly but I was wondering if anyone else had tried batch 35 and if so what their thoughts on it were? Don't get me wrong, the AA batch 35 is a perfectly good whiskey and I have rated it in the 80's but after all the hype where everyone sings the praises and no-one seemingly has a bad word to say, I got home from the shop full of anticipation of being blown away by this whisky and frankly wasn't. Am I pi$$ing into the wind or is there an element of "Emperor new clothes" going on? I wonder. Any fellow batch 35ers (or of course anyone else) like to give their views? Cheers.

12 years ago

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OCeallaigh replied

I am not sure if I have tried 35... but I feel like whenever there is as much hype around something (especially in A'bunadh's case) people are bound to feel some let down... with the exception of maybe Ardbeg Uigeadail... ;)

I really like A'bunadh, but it isn't really something I am always in the mood for. Perhaps your conditions weren't ideal. Put it away and maybe one of these days, that Aberlour A'bunadh batch 35 will just call out to you from the cabinet and be just what the doctor ordered.

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Abunadhman replied

@OCeallaigh: Decant it into a large decanter preferably one with a large square air space and give it a couple of weeks and try again - You will be pleasantly surprised!

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Onlyhalfmad replied

Just got my bottle (batch 37) today will have a go this week and post. Had a bottle in 2008 though which I realy enjoyed. For £35 its got to be worth a try.

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cpstecroix replied

I've had 34 and 36... Found 34 more herbal than 36 which was more dried fruit. I love the stuff though...it's a go to for me.

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IainVH replied

Thanks for your views and suggestions fellas. Cheers

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MacBaker62 replied

I just finished a bottle of batch #35, and I found it to be excellent. One of the best Speyside malts I've enjoyed so far! I scored it at 90/100. A very high mark for me, for anything non peated. It's bottled at a cask strength of 60.3%, so it's stronger than many offerings. Have you tried to open it up with a little water?

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