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Aberlour a'bunadh

Mon Chéri

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

17th Aug 2021


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  • Brand: Aberlour
  • ABV: 60.6%
  • Batch: 26

When I published my tasting notes of yet another batch of this Aberlour a’bunadh a few months ago, my friend Benny told me he had an open bottle of Batch #26 and asked me if I was interested in tasting that one as well. Do bears shit in the woods? Not much later the sample ended up on my desk. This batch was already bottled in 2009 and if you were to look for a bottle today, it would set you back some 300 EUR. I guess I’m lucky to have such dear friends who love to share. It’s the 14th a’bunadh that I try.

Dark and sweet nose on Mon Chéri bonbons, dried fruit, origine chocolate, vanilla and… err… nail polish? Blood oranges, raisins, apricots and candied peach. After a few moments of breathing it turns surprising bright, if you know what I mean. An absolutely delicious nose.

The alcohol lets itself be felt immediately, of course. I gasp for breath, yet do not feel the urge to add water. Bittersweet at first sip on grapefruit, vanilla and sultanas. Woodspices give it some warmth and a mildly drying effect. But it remains more than juicy enough to keep things interesting, although a huge bitterness lurks around the corner. Cherries kick in with a vengeance. Ah, there is the chocolate as well. Hence my association with Mon Chéri.

The finish is amazing! Long, warm without any bitterness but a candy-like sweetness. Lingers long and offers even more cherries and some cinnamon and chili peppers. Wonderful!

Yes, this is one of those stunning flavour bombs from the a’bunadh series. Thanks, Benny!


OdysseusUnbound commented

Thanks for another detailed review, Mark. These older batches sound delightful. You’ve tasted a few; is there any truth (in your opinion) to the idea that the earlier batches contained proportionally more “mature” whisky than recent batches?

about one month ago 0

Nozinan commented

Nice review! I too have tasted 14 batches and would rate a few above the average, which is a solid average. I have not yet tasted batch 26, but I have a sample, and I am looking forward to trying it one day.

about one month ago 2Who liked this?

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