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Abhainn Dearg

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LordGlascarnoch started a discussion

First post here, hi everyone. Has anyone tasted samples/bottles from the re-working distillery Abhainn Dearg? I think I once saw an available sample of the first 3 yo release, but I can't find it now. Regarding the Spirit of Lewis (which is not legally a whisky), it is out of stock in several shops, but might still be purchased in some of them. Is it worth tasting? I am curious about this distillery from Lewis (a beautiful isle where I travelled some years ago.)

9 years ago

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paddockjudge replied

@LordGlascarnoch, welcome aboard! You have my attention; perhaps someone else will chime in.

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Pandemonium replied

They sell miniatures on the site of Abhainn Dearg, you can get a sample of the spirit from master of malt. In my opinion, it's not yet a proper whisky, it has potential, but they still need time to fine tune their production process and let it properly mature.

You can always try it, no harm in acquiring a sample here or there, but I wouldn't necessarily buy a bottle.

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