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A'BUNDAH 38-39

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JJBoud started a discussion

Can anyone comment on Aberlour A'bundah Batch 38 and/or 39? The only one I've tasted is the Batch 39. I love it. I have the Batch 38 available to me. I'm going to buy it but also wanted to see if anyone has feedback. Thanks.

11 years ago

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jnaks replied

Seems many feel its just #41 that was the sour batch. lower 30s and upper 30s (though someone specifically skipped #38 in their recommendation of 37, 39, 40). Not sure if that was just not available or they had somethi g against it.

See this thread: connosr.com/wall/discussion/…

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MCM replied

Jim Murray gave batch 38 a 88.5 and the 39 a 94. Bit of a difference as 94+ is "liquid gold."

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JJBoud replied

Perfect. Thanks guys. I guess my local watering hole had the 39. The store where I work has the 38. Think I'll still grab it. @MCM

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