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IainVH started a discussion

Hi all, Is there any rule against a profile being put on here which appears to be simply an advert for a businness? Companys involved in the whisky industry and therefore having relevance may well be acceptable but the one I have spotted appears to have no connection with the drinks industry at all and the profile seems to be simply promoting a businss. Do we really want this excellent web site to become simply an advertising platform for all and sundry?? Thoughts please.

12 years ago

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jeanluc replied

Hi @IainVH thanks for your concern - this is an important issue to us.

Commercial (non-whisky) related profile are NOT allowed and, generally speaking, they are deleted very quickly or picked up by our spam filters - 95% are never seen.

Some do slip through the net though, please send us details via www.connosr.com/contact/ and we will remove the account(s) in question.

It's also worth noting that all new members go through an approval process to protect the community against spammers. There is a fine balance to be found because we like genuine whisky lovers to be able to join the site and start using it immediately.

Always happy to hear the community's thoughts on this however.

12 years ago 0

IainVH replied

@Jean-Luc Thanks for your prompt response. The profile involved which was for office supplies appears to have disapeared anyway, so your vetting process seems to be working very well. Prompt effective action, nice to see. Cheers.

12 years ago 0

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