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Am I missing something?

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Victor replied

@grisales, expansion of the data base is something many of us are eager to see when the renovation of Connosr.com takes place...relatively soon, we all hope...

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grisales replied

@Victor , thank you so much for the reply.

I just joined today and like very much. Is there a way for us to cooperate on this as part of the members?

Are you part of the staff, related or just a happy member as the rest of us the mortals? B-)

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Victor replied

@grisales, I am just an active member. @Jean-Luc runs support@connosr.com. Click on top line of Recent Network Activity page to give suggestions to J-L for the redeveloped version of the site currently in planning. Some patience will be required.

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Hello @grisales, as @Victor wrote such issues can be addressed via support@connosr.com. We are all very much looking forward to the upcoming renovations. There are some badly needed changes indeed.

Welcome to the site! Cheers!

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Nozinan replied

Let's keep it in perspective. There are no "badly needed" changes. This is a forum set up by someone to allow us to discuss our specific interest. The founders of this site are under no obligation to do anything.

Instead, we should offer our thanks for the enjoyment provided and our appreciation for the effort being undertaken to make this site even better than it is.

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talexander replied

Remember, we aren't paying for this, so the people who run it are doing it in their spare time for free…so whatever improvements there are are bonus, and otherwise we are all grateful that this website exists at all.

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