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WmRamsey started a discussion

I'm a novice enthusiast, focused mainly on single malt Scotch. But i was happy to learn recently that a distillery is being built 30 miles from me in Virginia. The Virginia Distillery Company has broken ground and will be producing spirit in a few months perhaps. They have two copper stills and a master distiller from Bruichladdich. In the meantime, they are selling something called Eades Double Malt. They find two single malts from a region in Scotland and finish them in wine casks, then marry them in the bottling. It's their move to make money while the VDC spirit ages for four years. Went to a tasting of Eades yesterday in Staunton, Va. (the state ABC just passed a law allowing tastings at liquor stores). It's not bad stuff. The Highland double malt was particularly nice.

Has anyone else tried Eades? Does anyone have an American distillery of single malt they like?

13 years ago

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