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Amrut Peated Cask Strength

One more winner from Amrut!!

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@WhiskyAndMeReview by @WhiskyAndMe

16th Aug 2014


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Ok, so Amrut is one distillery that has a very special place both in my heart as well as in my bar..possibly because its Indian to start with. Secondly and more importantly it has consistently been bringing out some very tastefully made expressions which has been a delight to savor.

This was the first time I was having Amrut's Peated Cask Strength expression and as always I went in with high expectations:

Nose: Wow!! That was an instant reaction to what I nosed... There was a lot of wood and vanilla coming from the bourbon cask.. wet mud that literally took me back to the rainy season in India .. Sweet ripe oranges, guavas and some mangoes as well. Along with all of this there was always some restrained peat that kept raising its head in the background

Adding a few drops of water brought some banana and caramel for me..

Palate: This is when the peat came out much more prominently.. with a lot more of fruity notes that were carried forward from the nose.. combined with a tiny sprinkling of white pepper for the spice.. The genius though I suppose lies in the fact that at 62.8% this whisky is extremely smooth and completely not overpowering

Water bring out more citrus and a lot more spice.. which to be honest isn't as pleasant as it at cask strength

Finish: Continued fruity notes and mild spices and finally signing off with peat fumes and smoke which leave a nice warm feeling inside you for quite a while

The Verdict: One more Amrut that has exceeded expectations!! Have this ONLY at cask strength to enjoy it the most.. Slainte!!

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WhiskyAndMe commented

@nozinanb ...:) I guess the best part about this CS is that even at high ABV...the flavors came out so well.. and none of them were over powering.. don't you think??

6 years ago 0

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