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Amrut Single Cask #3437 (Bourbon Cask)


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3rd Jan 2014


Amrut Single Cask #3437 (Bourbon Cask)
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I was fortunate to host Mr Ashok Chokalingam at an Amrut tasting in Dubai and he was kind enough to bring with him no less than three single cask expressions - recent releases from Amrut. One of them was a cask strength ex-Bourbon expression served up at a glorious 62.8% ABV.

What an absolute gem!

The nose starts off multi-layered and highly complex. Butterscotch, dark toffee and apples are brushed with aromatic tobacco leaves. Let it breathe and out comes through a mound of vanilla chocolate covered in coconut. Exactly like a Bounty chocolate bar!

The unrelenting palate is dark pepper spicy with chocolate fudge and orange with a healthy grating of ginger. Adding a drop of spring water allows you to mull it on your tongue for longer.

The long cinnamon and dark chocolate finish gets a touch nutty with some water.

It's easy for distilleries to hide behind gimmicky maturations but this expression puts its' money where its' mouth is.

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Nozinan commented


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Volcardi commented

Thank you for the wonderful review, tabarakRazvi! I was wondering if you could compare this whisky to the regular Amrut single malt bottled at cask strength. Greetings.

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MaltActivist commented

Hi @Volcardi - at your request I did a review of the standard Single Malt Cask Strength. This particular one was bottled in Sep 2009 (some point of reference here).

The single cask bourbon is, in my opinion, a darker dram if you like. The aromas skew towards the dark stuff (dark toffee, tobacco, chocolate) plus I found a lot of coconut in it. The mouth feel is more creamy and bold. The peppers are quite intense.

The standard single malt cask strength is sweeter on the nose. The coconut is common in both. But this has some rose water and sugar syrup which is quite strong. The palate is medium bodied and has a more of an acid burn than a pepper one (in a good way). There is the coffee and chocolate similar to the Single Cask but they are not dark. This one is also much sweeter than the single cask.

I have the review here if you're interested : maltactivist.com/2014/01/…


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Volcardi commented

Thank you for the comparison, tabarakRazvi! I think i'm just going to buy all three new releases!

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