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Amrut Single Malt Cask Strength Whisky

Getting dizzy at 3000 feet.

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@IainVHReview by @IainVH

12th Sep 2011


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First ever review so bear with me.

Sampled in a Glencairn with a tea spoon of spring water. The legs were thick and muscled like those of a few lady rugby players I’ve known. They were still sliding down the glass after several minutes (the legs, not the ladies!).

Colour –Medium golden brown, like properly toasted bread.

Nose : Initially quite sweet. Treacle or orange marmalade (we’re getting back to the toast again), later replaced with a spicey, perhaps peppery note and do I detect a slight nuttiness (or is that me)? Overall very pleasant, I felt the urge to smell it for a long time before tasting.

Taste, Quite sharp initially with that orange marmalade taste again, quite hot on the tongue (presumably due to the high abv) but not unpleasantly so. Later a slight spicy, peppery note comes through and lingers.

Finish: Lingers long and pleasantly with the sweet marmalade and treacle making a late return to wave things off.

Comments: This is my first Cask strength whisky, my first Amrut and my first review on this site, so memorable all round. The bottle says you shouldn't drink this if you're pregnant (so I'm pretty safe there then I think).The sweet taste and long lingering finish would make this a great Christmas and new year dram and at the risk of being ridiculed by the traditionists, it would be an excellent drink to see in the new year. And as the first dram of the new year it would certainly give whatever followed a lot to live up to.

It is a 61.8% bottling and it says on the packaging that it is distilled at 3000 feet above sea level and I must say that it certainly made me feel high (sorry to finish with another crap joke).


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smokeybarrels commented

Excellent first review- Bob Monkhouse lives on! I shall be adding the Amrut to my wishlist.

9 years ago 0

IainVH commented

Cheers matey! Would have prefered Peter Kay to Bob Monkhouse but the sentiment is appreciated!

9 years ago 0

Vinodiuz commented

Great review! I also tried some Amrut, great whiskies those Indians create. Also tried the Fusion of Amrut? Give it a try? It is a fantastic dram!

Have a wonderful weekend.

9 years ago 0

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