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Amrut Single Malt Whisky

Bananas anyone?...

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@hunggarReview by @hunggar

11th Jul 2013


Amrut Single Malt Whisky
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I’ve always wanted to try Amrut, but I hadn’t had a chance to until recently. The reviews for the standard single malt tend to suggest that it’s an average dram, but I won’t be dissuaded. I’m determined to see how unique and “Indian” tasting an Indian whisky truly is.

Nose: Loads of banana in here. Almost a baked quality to the banana scent, like banana muffins or banana bread. Nuts. Some melon as well. Wheat, barley, and cereal dance about behind the prominent fruit. Once in a while I get a whiff of white wine, but it seems to come and go. There is the lightest of a peat presence in here, too. Nice fruity nose, overall.

Palate: Creamy and silky smooth arrival. The banana from the nose is noticeable again. A very warming and gentle vanilla. Not overly sweet. Some faint peat in here, too. Overall this is a lovely whisky.

Finish: The creamy smoothness that greeted us on the arrival helps carry us smoothly through to the finish. More banana notes, but they’re less sweet now. Nuts again. The gentle spice remains, with hints of peat and oak.

There are two things that I find particularly pleasant here. First, the creamy consistency. It’s milky and smooth, even sipped neat. Second, that predominant banana note that comes in at the nose and stays until the finish. What’s interesting is that the note seems to change and evolve. At first, it’s sweet like a muffin or banana bread. On the palate it’s more akin to a banana split, as it seems to mesh beautifully with the vanilla flavours. Towards the finish the sweetness tends to dissipate and I’m reminded of overripe bananas.

Another reviewer compared this to an Isle of Jura offering. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but I tend to agree. It’s like Isle of Jura minus the salt and maritime notes. The vanilla notes, and the general flavour profile and the medium-spicy kick tend to be quite comparable. But this has a thicker and smoother mouthfeel. But the comparison works.

So is it “Indian?” Meh. Hard to say. But it’s good. Overall, this stuff is not going to rock your world, but it’s unique, smooth, gentle, balanced, and charming.

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