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Anyone collecting vintage whisky bottles?

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Nelom started a discussion

Or any other whisky related items for that matter?

I'm not really collecting anything, but I did just impulse buy an old-ish (empty) bottle of "Gooderham's Brown Jug" which I thought was quite charming looking. Having Googled on it for a few minutes, it seems it's probably from the late sixties or early seventies.

I'll post a couple of pictures later on.

7 years ago

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Nelom replied

Here are the pictures:


I'm honestly not sure what I'm gonna do with this thing. I'm thinking just on a shelf in my home office will do. Maybe next to a modern bottle of Gooderham & Worts.

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paddockjudge replied


I emptied my share of little brown jugs...and watched a few as well.

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Nelom replied

@paddockjudge Do you know the deal with the naming of the Brown Jug vs. the Little Brown Jug? Mine is a Brown Jug (without the little) and it holds 25 oz, and from my Googling it would appear that the Little Brown Jug also held 25 oz. Was it just a rebranding?

Then there's apparently a Gooderham's Big Brown Jug as well, which judging by pictures contains more than 25 oz...

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