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Anyone try The Laddie Sixteen yet?

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Rigmorole started a discussion

Is this the older version of The Laddie Ten? I'm surprised to see that very few reviews can be found online about this new bruichladdich whisky. It seems promising since so many of the reviews for the Laddie Ten comment on how an older version of the same whisky would be even better.

11 years ago

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WhiskyBee replied

@rigmorole, I'm eager to see more reviews of the Sixteen myself. I don't think it's an older version of the Ten, as the Ten was the first "new" whisky produced by Bruichladdich after Mark Reynier bought the distillery in 2000. Since Bruichladdich was purchased by Remy Cointreau last year, and since it will be at least three more years before a true 16 yo version can be released, I suspect this is old stock in a new package. I've read a few articles that suggest this to be the case, but I haven't read enough to clear up the confusion.

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Mammon replied

I tried it three times, but it didn't get up to my expectations. It is somewhat dull compared to the Laddie Ten. Nevertheless it is worth trying.

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lmann86 replied

@Mammon Locally this prices right about $100-$115...at that price I could almost have three Laddie 10's. If it's dull in comparison I'd much rather have the Laddie 10!

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HopScotch replied

@lmann86 sorry mate! Meant to "thumbs up", but did down instead! (It won't let me change it now) Still learning this "smartphone" thing. In any case, I agree with your sentiment!

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OCeallaigh replied

I don't see how they can actually release a 16 year old version of the 10 year old. Since they would be using spirit that was from the old distillery. Perhaps this is just the first shoddy move by the new corporate ownership… I hope not though. The Laddie Ten is fantastic.

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cowfish replied

I have - we did a Bruichladdich tasting at work and it was in the middle of the lineup. There's a writeup over here: blog.thewhiskyexchange.com/2012/12/…

I didn't like it. It's actually older than 16 but they've released it as a 16 year old to keep consistency in the line-up as the spirit produced under the current stewardship matures. It's finished in new french oak, and has a new oak character that really doesn't appeal to me but that others, including m'colleague whose notes are in the writeup above along with mine, did.

And a small note, just in case anyone else wants to jump in the 'new management' slagging bandwagon - this was developed and prepared for release before Remy made their offer.

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indynoir replied

I just purchased this yesterday. Extra years really make a difference with mouthfeel, smoothness, and finish versus the Laddie Ten. It doesn't have the mild peat like the ten year which is a dissapointment, but it has this wonderful lemon zest balanced with rich vanilla and fruit. It reminds me of some Springbanks. Taste older than sixteen years. The ten year may be a better value at 1/2 the price, but in my opinion this is definitely a step up.

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Rigmorole replied

Yes she does. Is she brown nosing the distiller just a little bit? You decide. I like her reviews.

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