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Let's fire-up the BBQ!!

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@VinodiuzReview by @Vinodiuz

10th Jan 2012


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After some home-cleaning, I took my lunch with a great huge sandwich with roasted pork with some spicy, peppery BBQ-sauce. Delicious! So as I thought why not take a good glass of dram with some BBQ infleunces in it?! And yes here we got my most, best ever whisky from this time yet! The maqnifecent Alligator of Ardbeg. So as you already read my reviews, I love Ardbeg a lot. So here my review of this delicious dram.

Nose: Ufcourse BBQ sauce, spicy, peppery and chillies. But also on the background are elements of chocolate and espresso coffee. Flowers and fruits as well.

Taste: BBQ sauce, smokey, lightly spiced of red peppers and a delicious bite in it. Savoury parts of roasted pork and spiced marinade ribs. The aftertaste gives great delicate of dark roasted coffee, caramel and toffee with it.

Finish: long, cuban-cigars, sweetness of roasted nuts with brown sugar syrup. With a fantastic peat behind.

Fantastic, delicious piece of Art of Ardbeg. I'm really glad that I own a bottle. It is rare and quite hard to find. I know there are some bottles available, so be hurry to get one! And I really recommend to buy this great dram. From the alcohol of 51.2% it is totally not a strong whisky to drink. It is delicate and smooth.

I scored 100 out of 100, cause in this legendary dram is nothing wrong to telling about.

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Vinodiuz commented

Can imagine that you want this fanastic, legendary whisky! I hope that there are some bottles available in Canada. Let me know, if you get one great bottle of Ardbeg 'Alligator'.

12 years ago 0

talexander commented

The only Ardbeg I've seen in Ontario is the 10 year old (overpriced at over $100, but I like it very much)

12 years ago 0

splice42 commented

If you live close enough to the border to cross to Quebec, the SAQ does carry the Ardbeg Uigeadail for about $150.

12 years ago 0

Vinodiuz commented

I paid 85,00 euro for this maqnificent Artwork. Every penny worth it!

12 years ago 0

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