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Ardbeg.... Beer ?!

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Wierdo replied

Came up on my Facebook feed. £14 for 4x330ml cans.

Aimed at hipsters with more money than sense would be my assessment!!

I've always said Ardbeg are the Brewdog of the whisky world.

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Jonathan replied


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RianC replied

@Wierdo - I was wondering what the price would be ... £14 for 4 mini-cans ... laughing

I like generally like Porters but this seems like a science experiment, as do many Brewdogs and other 'craft' IPAs etc, that could be OK but could also be a right dogs dinner. I'll not be rushing to get a 4 pack!

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Victor replied

I guess that people might get excited about this both pro and con completely with respect to the Ardbeg name. Ardbeg whisky is distilled and aged Ardbeg beer. All whiskies are made first as beers before they are further processed to become whisky. There has been Ardbeg beer as long as there has been Ardbeg whisky, no longer, because the beer is the first step...they just didn't label, bottle and sell it. I don't see any big deal about this, either pro or con. It's just beer. Whisky is still whisky, and beer is still...just...beer.

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Nock replied

While on our tour of the Laphroaig distillery the let us taste the “Laphroaig beer” also known as the “wash.” This is the low alcohol liquid (distiller’s beer) about to be distilled that is fermented at Laphroaig for about 55 hours with an ABV of about 8.5%.

It was just the tour guide, my wife, and I. So, when we got to the room of steel tank wash backs I asked if I could try the wash. It was surprisingly sweet . . . and very good. It strongly reminded me of a wheat beer. We joked that they should sell this at the distillery during the summer months. I would gladly have purchased the wash as-is.

The thought of an Ardbeg beer . . . I’d buy it and drink it.

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BlueNote replied

I think we should give them a pass on this as it appears to be for a very good cause. ie clean drinking water projects in Malawi. They’re doing this as a one off with dozens of breweries.

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