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Ardbeg Special Release

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Marcus started a discussion

Ardbeg will be releasing a new bottling on June 2, 2012, the first annual Ardbeg Day. Any speculation on what this new release might be?

12 years ago

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systemdown replied

Something good I hope? Uigeadail v2.0?

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I read somewhere it could be something like "The son of Alligator", John Hansell tasted it and found it to be good, even if I cannot find the link anymore! I remembered he wondered if the chaps at Ardbeg had used the charred cask of the alligator as refill cask for a different release, but who knows?

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Marcus replied

Wow. Reusing the alligator casks would be something I would love to taste!! That deep smoke combined with the remaining flavors from previous use would be amazing.

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Victor replied

@Marcus, I think that re-using Ardbeg Alligator Casks would make interesting results with almost any kind of whisky or spirit. I would love to sample a good Tequila Anejo aged in them, for example.

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Marcus replied

I did notice that the Whisky Advocate blog referred to by several was from June of 2011, and referenced last year's Alligator. The 2012 release, as I heard several times today, may be a follow up to that. It may be similar to the JW Double Black (but better!!)

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gobsmact replied

Hey Marcus, My mail is that it will be called Crocodile... but who knows, that could be a release for later in the year. I do know however that it is on the cards!

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