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Arran Islay Mist

Spiced out blend

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@cheeserandyburgReview by @cheeserandyburg

19th Oct 2012


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Islay Mist 8 Y.O (Blend)

After trying to make up my mind on some single malts for the colder temps, I noticed some talk about a blend in the process. Not exactly what I was looking for at the moment, but with that said.. the price was reasonable at $27 on sale, so hell, why not!

A very simple bottle, no excess packaging (hint hint Glenvilet 12, was all that paper necessary inside the box itself?)

At the back of the bottle we have a little mention of Laphroaig being the most distinctive of the blends included in this whisky. I for one have never tried Laphoroaig, so I'll have no comparison of that nature in this review.

Colour - More on the pale gold side.

Nose - First thing to come up is very, sweet, gentle peat. Lovely. A hint of smoke, but nothing harsh. As you stay with it, you definitely get some sherry coming at you. Once again, nothing intense, quite well balanced. Stay with it longer and I detect a little salt?

Palate - Wasn't expecting this at all. Sweet, sweet, sweet. The smoke on the nose is not present at first arrival, instead I'm getting a zingy, sweetness coming across. The sherry notes and sugar emerge for a split second then disappear into a more sourish, soft peppery feel. Here comes the spice. Now the peat, very slight just under the tongue. More spice.

Finish - Peaty, slight smokey, a hell of a warmer. Zingy pepper on the tongue and in the chest. The spice is hanging around.

Conclusion - A very enjoyable blend. I would say much more tame then JW black and fairly well balanced. I added a drop of water near the end to see what would happen and the nose got sweeter and smoother. This also forced the peat to come through a little bit more, but more rounded and gentler then neat. On the palate, much sweeter, but that peppery zing is a fighter. This one is quite the warmer.

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YakLord commented

Glad to hear that my suggestion was at least decent! I would have felt bad if you'd bought it based on my advice and then ended up with a poor quality blend.

11 years ago 0

cheeserandyburg commented

Took a little while to sink in, but some secondary thoughts - Earthy, vegetal, bitter, and dry would best describe this whisky near the finish and end. The initial reaction was "sweetness" but this all fades into a spicy and dry end. Being that I've never tried Laphraiog, I can't really compare this to it. But since this blend is made from over 50% Laphroaig, and hearing others mention that they find it very similar, I'd say it shares some very, if not identical characteristics to the well known Islay single malts. Not something I'd enjoy drinking often, but ok for a change. Hence the 68 mark. Though this does make me question Islay malts in general now. Are they all this dry in the finish? Quite the departure from those speysides like Aberlour! But a good learning experience otherwise.

11 years ago 0

cheeserandyburg commented

Just past the 5 month mark on this one. Loads of honey sweetness coming through, diminished "zingy" flavors and way more enjoyable now after the 5 months wait after opening. The finish is a sweet peat that stays with you. Had to have another pour. Definitely benefits from some oxidation over the months. I think I'll bump this rating up to 70. Nice budget-quality peaty dram.

10 years ago 0

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