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Astar labeling ???

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CognacFan started a discussion

I just bought a bottle of Glenmorangie Astar. On the box and bottle, something as been hidden with a black marker. It's just over the non chill-filtred indication and I can't see trough. Anybody can help me out with what was written under?

12 years ago

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maltymatt replied

Same thing appears on my bottle of glenmorangie nectar d`or, just don t know why!!!!!

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CognacFan replied

@maltymatt Maybe those are old packagings, because my bottle of Nector D'or don't seem to have this mark. Something they corrected on the new ones, but what ?

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CognacFan replied

@maltymatt Found a picture of Astar saying 100 proof wich would not be the case since it is bottled at 57.1% abv. They marked that out and probably did something similar with your bottle of Nectar D'or.

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Imprimatur replied

@ CognacFan Looking at my bottle of Astar, I can tell you that hidden under the black marker on your box and bottle is printed 100° PROOF. Why the good people of Glenmorangie or your shopkeeper marked it with black marker is a mystery to me. 100° proof is correct for the Glenmorangie Astar. Alcoholic proof is a measure for the quantity of ethanol (ethylalcohol) in an alcoholic beverage. It's approximately twice the alcohol % vol. 100° proof is 57,15% ethanol (ethylalcohol), exactly the abv of the Glenmorangie Astar. Don't let it bother you and savour your Glenmorangie Astar! It's a fine dram!

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joshk replied

100 proof also has different meaning in different countries. In the UK 100 proof = 57.15% abv but in the USA 100 proof = 50% abv. Perhaps the bottle was labeled for one place but then shipped to another and someone decided to just black out the proof number to avoid confusion.

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Victor replied

@joshk's explanation looks the most likely to me.

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The bottles I have are from the initial release in the USA. Text reads "114.2 [degree symbol] PROOF AND [on the next line] NON CHILL-FILTERED"

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