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Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

Please smell by far!

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@WillsReview by @Wills

24th Jun 2013


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I was really looking forward to taste my sample of one of the Balcones range. The Baby Blue is a Small Batch Blue Corn (100% Corn). I got Batch #10, which was bottled at 26.8.2010.

To confuse you a bit I start with the palate. Nice sweetness and buttery corn. A slight bitterness which goes well with the sweetness and some spices (pepper, nutmeg). The body is medium, you can see some viscous legs in the glass.

Now let's face the special part of this dram. The nose! It offers an extremely ugly fatty sweetness. Corn, corn and again corn! There is a sourness which might be normal for blue corn. I have no clue, because we aren't the big corn eaters here in Germany I guess (at least I am not). Maybe that's also a reason why this nose is off-putting me somehow, it is just too much for my nose... To be honest, when I first smelled it from the tiny sample bottle it was very interesting. But from a glencairn and nosing as usual (nose directly in the glass) I really had to concentrate that I am not getting ill. After a while I can smell behind the distinct corn but there isn’t that much. Small dose of woodsmoke, caramel and grass.

The finish is very soft and mellow which I didn’t expect after that nose. It fades away really fast. So the finish is very short, nearly watery.

Weird dram - weird review, I know. I have no idea whether the True Blue is more balanced, most here seem to enjoy it quite a lot. The review of @vanPelt left my mouth watering. Maybe it's really because I am not used to these kind of flavors. And I tasted it the first time tonight. Let's see if I like it more in a retasting... but for the moment it is very unbalanced and not really for my pure enjoyment: For me it's like a real baby, crying and stinking in one second and the cutest bundle of joy in the next.

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