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Ballantines Finest

Not Living Up To Its Name

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@AlanjpReview by @Alanjp

2nd Sep 2011


Ballantines Finest
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This bottle was given to me as a gift from my mum, who managed to pick up a litre bottle fairly cheap on her way back from Spain. So I guess I shouldn't really complain about it!

It's got a very light gold colour, almost yellow in the light of my room! The smell is powerful, but not really in a great way. I picked up an almost antiseptic aroma, sterile and even bland. Now I'm not sure if it's just a bad bottle, because I went back to it a few days afterwards and got the same experience.

The taste wasnt spectacular, it didnt seem as though there was much going on, but it was very strong and powerful. There was a metallic feel to it, and the finish seemed sharp and very short.

In summary, I can't imagine a whisky like this is as decidedly average and disappointing as i've found it to be, so I hope I've just had a bad bottle, but I can only score it on what I've tasted! I wouldnt buy a bottle for myself, at least until I've tasted one that comes across as an improvement.

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IainVH commented

Whilst I must says its not as good as the 17Yo I think Finest is a very good dram for the money, especially as a blend. It may be that my experience/palate may not be on a par with yours but I always enjoy this whisky. Each to their own as they say. Cheers.

12 years ago 0

Col commented

I have to say I'm with IainVH on this one. I picked up a 70cl bottle in Spain for just over 12 Euro and at that price I think it's incredibly good value (it's quite a bit more pricey in the UK)and a very drinkable whisky. I don't want to rave about it because there are better blends, but I hope you give it another go Alan.

12 years ago 0

mattberg commented

anything at 12 euros is not worth writing about surely...

12 years ago 0

MAT284 commented

I've only drank this with coke mixer with friends that aren't the 'Connosr' types, and i'm pretty sure the majority of people buying it won't be checking this website for any reviews.

11 years ago 0

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