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Ballantines Finest

A Touch Of Class

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@OJKReview by @OJK

2nd Jul 2010


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Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:

Nose: So creamy and citrusy, it's like smelling a lemon mousse, doused in pear liquor. Some faint spice in the air from the grain, but not at all dominant. 2.0

Taste: Very creamy and full bodied on the tongue. I've hear this blend be described as velvety and that's exactly what it is. Very juicy,smooth and chewy. A total pleasure to just hold in the mouth and savour. 2.5

Finish: Very smooth on exit, and just the right length. Maintains its creamy texture, while sweet vanillas elegantly give way to a mildly woody and spicy finish. Highly impressive and assured. 2.0

Balance: First of all I do like a good looking bottle, and this is certainly one of the 'finest'. There's something about a screw-cap as well that I also just love, so always enjoy opening a good scotch blend. But that's all superficial I know, it just endears me to the stuff before I've even tasted it. All that aside, I have to say that this is an extremely impressive blend. One can't really find a fault with it, it doesn't try to scream and shout, it just goes about it's business with total grace and authority. It's a truly sublime whisky. 2.5

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PeatAndMeat commented

Wow, a surprising one. Must try.

I also like the elegance of the bottle design.

13 years ago 0

widter commented

The 2009 version (I bought one during last christmas) is really a lot different and more smoky than previous bottlings. It also it more grainy. With a bit of ice, it gets smoother and more "velvety". (seriously, and please forget Jim Murrays advice not to add ice).

13 years ago 0

rdx commented

Definetly one of my favourites in the price band . I normally have it with just a dash of water . I like the ease of drinking this one . Very smooth ,non complex , and the fruity honey scents just ensure you have a great time .

13 years ago 0

JeffC commented

I got a bottle in the summer of 2010 and could not finish it although I did drink about half of it just to make sure that I was not missing something. It was extremely grainy and not very complex or tasty. When I only finish half a bottle, it ends up going in my wife's egg nog.

13 years ago 0

Carl commented

"Very creamy and full bodied on the tongue" is just how I would describe it as well. One of the things that is very important to me. Really liked the taste as well, and very impressed with the smoothness. A very close second for me to my favourite GlenDronach Original 12 years actually. I also finally found a 17 year old. Simply had to try it, as I heard so much about it. Excellent, but not as impressive as the Ballantine's Finest, in the sense that there is such a price difference. $70.00CAD to be exact. Cheers, Carl

12 years ago 0

Carl commented

I am now starting on my first bottle of Ballantine's Finest. I am a huge fan of Bushmills Black Bush, and I would say that - at least for myself - this Ballantine's is my equivalent in Scotch Whisky. Amazed on my first sip, how smooth this Ballantine's is. I have to say that is appears to be even smoother than the 17 year. The very reason I bought the Ballantine's Finest tonight, was to compare with the 17 year. There is definitely more of the wood flavour coming out in the 17 year old, though. The body of the Finest is almost perfect, as well, although maybe not quite as heavy as the 17 Year Old. I love a heavy, thick and syrupy body on whiskies, and either one fills the bill quite nicely. Matter of fact, I am liking this Ballantine's Finest so much, that it is almost a toss up between this and my favourite single malt, the GlenDronach Original 12 Year. This is definitely one of the finest whiskies - blended or Single Malt - that I have ever had! It is very comforting to know, as well, that when I am dining somewhere, I can order a drink of Scotch that will be most enjoyable without spending a fortune! Cheers, Carl

12 years ago 0

JohnnyNorfolk commented

That is a spot on review in my opinion. It is one of, if not the best in its class.I think you were so right to give it 90. I would give it 94.Yes I thnk it is that good.

10 years ago 0

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