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Belgian Owl Single Malt

What a beauty!

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@MaltActivistReview by @MaltActivist

20th May 2012


Belgian Owl Single Malt
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I was quite intrigued to have a taste of my first Belgian single malt and came out pleasantly surprised.

This is a 4 year old expression, quite pale in color.

Beautifully delicate honeyed nose, like sitting at a dessert table in a patisserie; a patisserie in a field of straw and barley. The maître pâtissier waddles out from behind the counter and serves me an intricately plated array of marzipan, sweet melon and slices of freshly cut oranges. It is such a fresh and delightful combination that you want to just sit back and relax with your eyes closed.

The palate is the patisserie in liquid form with all the aromas coming through. Added to the mix are the most glorious stalks of sugarcane I have ever tasted. Threw me back to the days as a child when we chewed on the sweet stalks and sucked all it's nectar out. Rounding off the dazzlingly fresh flavors are hints of pine nuts, something green and the gentlest of aniseed.

This is an absolute gem of a malt. If the Belgians can produce such flavors at 4 years imagine what they can do with 12 or even 18. Scotland and Japan better look out. There's a new flavor profile making it's mark.

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