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Benriach 17 Year Old Septendecim

When We Were Kings

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

12th Jul 2014


Benriach 17 Year Old Septendecim
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Septendecim is seventeen in Latin. Finished in Ex-bourbon casks, a robust, yet suddenly mellow whisky. Marketing text says, made like a Speyside whisky from the past.

Well, if that's Speyside's past, I want more of it! Gret peated single malt from BenRiach, yet again. Lively but smooth, sometimes mellow but another time a badass. Rich and rough, like Muhammad Ali. Definitely When We Were Kings from Speyside.

BenRiach is a diamond of Speyside, giving great smoky drams with different kind of character than Islay. BenRiach 17 yrs Septendecim is part of their usual range, which is nice.

Nose: Fresh with peat and crispy smoke. Oak and hints fruits.

Taste: Peat with honey are strong. Nutty, green tea with smoke. Very juicy and mellow.

Finish: Spices and bitter notes rise with ginger. Earthly and floral. Strong finish.

Balance: BenRiach delivers once again! Fresh peated single malt in good balance.

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Rigmorole commented

Did you see Ralfy's rating of this one? It was up there, 90 or 91, I forget

9 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

He also mentioned the tea. I think he said Lapsang tea

9 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

Yes, I think it was 91. It must be like that Lapsang, which apparently is a strong and smoky Chinese tea. Have never tasted that tea, so I can't say for sure but it must be it. This BenRiach has a very juicy palate.

9 years ago 0