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Benriach Curiositas 10 Year Old Peated

Lovely peat,and malt

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@galgReview by @galg

18th Jan 2011


Benriach Curiositas 10 Year Old Peated
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I’ve reviewed a couple of Peated Benriachs before (The Arumticus Fumosus & Heredotus Fumosus) and quite liked those back then. Both were finished heavily peated expressions, and it’s interesting to try a non-finished young peated BenRiach. That’s what the Curiositas is, exactly!

Benriach Curiositas , 10 yo , 40% ABV, £27 (buy here)

Nose: Peat, sort of dusty peat, underneath sits some wood and ,also some fruity notes (cherubs).

Palate: Sweetness of the barley, and fruit is well integrated with the massive peat and some spices (cinnamon,pepper). The palate is really nice, and much sweeter than the nose suggests. Lovely Mix.

Finish: Long, with long lasting peat, wee wood, and some cocoa/coffee bitterness, intertwined with the sweeter sugary notes of barley.

Bottom line :

a very enjoyable peated Speysider. Not Ultra Complex, and the nose could use a bit more Oomph and style. however the palate and finish make up for it.

I seem to like those BernRiachs. Well made, and at a good price point.

Who said good peated malts can only be found on Islay?

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jwise commented

I plan to be getting some BenRiach expressions soon, and hope to get the Curiositas.

13 years ago 0

Alanjp commented

I bought a bottle of this a couple of days ago as it's one of the few BenRiach expressions I've not tried (even after various whisky shows). Great review, and i'm looking forward to my bottle that little bit more now!

13 years ago 0

lan2424 commented

I bought a bottle, seeing it was a peated Speyside. I was looking for nice diversity and I found it here. There is immediate peat and smoke, but not overly impressive or overwhelming to nose- adequate may be proper to say. The palate and finish mentioned above are accurate... but here's the twist. Don't let go of the palate too soon.... there is a warming and smokey mood that comes with this dram that you will miss if you rush it. I found it to be really rewarding and set a mood that relaxed me. A nice 78-80.

12 years ago 0

ewhiskey commented

It should be noted that there are 2 releases of this whiskey. I owned a bottle last year that was bottled at 46% ABV. I remeber really intense aromas and flavours from the nose to the finish, but balanced perfectly. A whiskey with character. Michael Jackson's Whisky Companion rates both versions of the whiskey. The one bottled at 46% ABV was rated significantly higher than the on bottled at 40% ABV (which is what influenced me to try it out in the first place). It might be worth trying to get your hands on the 46% ABV bottle as it might bring you a whole new experience. I would love to hear about it if you get the chance to. I would give the 46% dram a solid 90/100 (keeping in mind that it's been a while since I've tried it).


11 years ago 0

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