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Benromach 10 Year Old

More powerful than a black hole...

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8th Jan 2010


Benromach 10 Year Old
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The Benromach 10yr is one of the most attractive malts I've ever had. Granted, I've only been imbibing whisky for 3 years or so. So, I'm new to this wonderful world of whisky...

Like many of you, I read review after review of how spectacular this stuff was and I had every intention of trying some at WhiskyFest NYC - Sadly, one of the many booths I missed.

It wasn't until I read Dr. Whisky's review of the stuff (drwhisky.blogspot.com/2009/12/…) that I finally opened up my wallet and laid down the cash for this baby. It ended up coming on my Birthday - what a birthday it was!

Nose - Sweet warm smoke, honey, sweet peony, penny candy store (hanging out by the butterscotch), damp towel, vanilla

Palate - Gooey-ooey butterscotch riddled with smoke, root veggies (Dr. Whisky nailed it when he said he tasted stewed carrots - dead on!), fresh soil, leather, more butterscotch - mouth coating and smooth as heck!

Finish - Long, smokey oak, vanilla is back with some nuttiness creeping up.

This is the ultimate comfort dram. Usually, I like an ABV of at least 46% but I think they nailed it with the 43%. I had two drams that night.

So, here's where the black hole comes in. I am a total freak when it comes to shows about space, black holes, supernovas... good sciencey stuff. I was watching a show on black holes the night I opened this up and I found my self completely blocking the outside world and was staring at the legs in my glass as they slowly danced back down to the bottom. I was so taken by this stuff that it took me from my science show! And, that's really saying a lot. - 92 (I gave it an extra point for being a standard expression and so dang cheap!)

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WhiskyOClock commented

Man that sounds great. I've had my eyes peeled for this one, but haven't come across it yet. I'm not going to hold my breath though, unfortunately.

14 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

I don't think it's in the US just yet - the bottle I got was a 70cl and in the US, the size needs to be 750ml (75cl) which, is dumb as hell. Royalmilewhiskies.com has a great price and good shipping rates. I highly, highly suggest this one.

14 years ago 0

galg commented

Damn good malt i tell you. havent sampled it until yesterday... never expected a peaty speyside to be that good. man o man. indeed, it deserves the score for it's quality,affordability.

that 750 ml bullshit for US is weird. i dont understand why u need a whisky to be bottled in 2 versions : 1 for the USA, and one for the rest of the world. darned silly. but when u order online, u can get the 700 and that's fine? WTF?!

uncle SAM uncle SAM... silly sam

14 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

750ml bottles started flowing into the US - I've seen them at Binny's.

Yeah, US liquor import laws a very stupid. If we could relax these laws and Israel could relax the 200% tax - we'd both be golden.

Great whisky though, huh!?

14 years ago 0

drinix commented

Why isn't this malt properly listed on connosr?! Anyway, since trying, and liking, the "Traditional", this one has entered my radar. The Traditional being probably 6-8 years old appears still a lottle youngish. This, also given the raving reviews, seems to have come of age. Can't wait to try it.

12 years ago 0

scotchguy74 commented

Been looking for thsi one for a long time...no luck!.. In the States it is ahrd to find genuine Scotch like Benromach!

11 years ago 0

yori commented

Well - times have changed - ordered my bottle in the US, and Israel has changed it's taxes to make good whisky affordable... I'll bring this one back on my next trip to the US, along with a 1991 16YO Bowmore port wood, and an Ardbog, unless I can find an Airigh Nam Beist...

10 years ago 0