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Benromach Origins Batch 4: Port Pipes

Smokey Fruit!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

27th Jan 2014


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I've been playing around with the Benromach range lately, most recently enjoying a 30 year old Benromach that was just lovely.

And then a couple of days ago more whisky toys arrived, specifically a Benromach Port Pipes...how awesome does that sound!?

A Speyside whisky, 10 years old, mildly peated (8ppm) and then finished in Port barrels....well to say that I was looking forward to it would be a huge understatement.

And even better is that my wife, Squidgy, would be joining me once more in my whisky reviews, after a long hiatus due to work.

Yeah I'm really looking forward to cracking this!

Australia Day comes and Squidgy and I look at one another and decide that tonight is the night to crack this whisky open!

We have fond memories of our trip to Benromach, having enjoyed everything that we tasted and purchasing the Benromach Peat Smoke, so here we go!

The nose is softly smokey, with tobacco, cherries, aniseed, strawberries, vanilla, pears and apples.

My lovely wife picked up some different aromas, which she informed me in a voice that made me grin from ear to ear.

She wound up picking up beach sand, almonds, trees, spices, petrol, almond skins and tree leaves with oak spices.

Love her tasting notes!

Time for a taste though!

Again softly smokey, very fruity, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, apples, spices, pepper, tobacco leaves, vanilla, caramel and a hint of cooked bacon.

My lovely wife was tasting smoke and tobacco leaves.

A soft smokey, fruity finish wrapped the whisky up.

I really enjoyed this whisky, it wasn't my wife's cup of tea, but I felt like that I could drink it all night. Probably in my top two or three entry level Benromachs. And at roughly $100-$120 AUS for a bottle, more then reasonable.

Plus I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for the pretty tins that the Benromach range comes in.

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