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Benromach Traditional

A fine line (Not to be overlooked!)

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@Jheck8Review by @Jheck8

12th Feb 2011


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Indeed... Not to be overlooked like many non-age-statement bottlings, I happen to know that the Benromach Traditional is typically a 7 Year Old, bourbon-aged whisky.

The "hand selected (bourbon) oak casks" impart a good amount of subtle sweetness that I detect as a sort of light-licorice(twizzler, specifically)/vanilla on the nose. This is accompanied by a wonderful peating that, to me, is just below the line of peat & SMOKE. The palate lends itself to the bourbonesque flavors and has a nice maltiness to it. A touch of water brings a sharp sweetness to nearly take over the peat (it fights back after some time in the glass) with more of the bourbon & vanilla coming through on the nose -- Palate becomes more neutral, but slightly "golden" & perhaps more malty in character. Finish is short-medium and reminiscent of the entire experience.

I think - for $29.99 retail in Upstate New York - that the Benromach Traditional is a very nice single malt, prompting my first review on connosr.com to give it the props it's due. Working in retail, I was privileged enough to taste both the Traditional and the Benromach 10 Year, which is an older version of the Traditional that sees some sherry before it hits the bottle. That slight bit of sherry aging brought a wonderful sweetness to the malt, but sort of stripped that fine line of peat that struck me so much in the Traditional.

In short... For the price? Absolutely worth it.

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drinix commented

I had the chance to taste this single malt yesterday and a very fine one it is. Surely young, nevertheless already refined. That light smokiness really does the trick.

10 years ago 0

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