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Bicentennial Commemoration Bourbon

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dsg started a discussion

Does anyone have any information on Bicentennial Commemoration Bourbon produced by the Willett Distilling Co? It was distilled on Feb 4, 1955 and bottled in 1975, and is 107 proof. My dad bought a case when it came out and I just finished off bottle 1154/3168 last night. Very sadly, I don't have the skills to give a proper tasting review although I can say that it was heavy oak and cherry.

12 years ago

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Zanaspus replied

@dsg I can't say I know a thing, but I'll bet Chuck Cowdery or someone over at Straightbourbon would know.

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Victor replied

@dsg, that sounds like a collectible whiskey. Willett distillery shut down in the 1980's after they sold the business to Even Kulsveen. Their name is used now, and I hear rumours about the reopening of the distillery, but in general current Willett product is procured elsewhere. Its being twenty year old bourbon alone puts it in a very limited group. Save me a taste!

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dsg replied

I rooted around some more and found the last bottle of Bicentennial bourbon. The paper strip across the top has been ripped off, but the bottle doesn't appear to have been opened! I guess I was a good boy this year.

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