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Bimber distillery owner arrested

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Wierdo started a discussion

Shocking news. The founder and owner of Bimber distillery is currently in prison and is facing potential extradition to Poland for charges that go back 20 years. Apparently he's been living in London under a pseudonym.


2 months ago

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RianC replied

Bloody immigrants ... laughing sweat_smile grin

Wowzers! That's quite the rap sheet.

One might say that their prices were already criminal so ...

Can't read the whole article, but wondering what will happen to the distillery going forwards?

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Wierdo replied

@RianC I agree about their prices. I've always found them too expensive. They were the zeitgeist distillery in the UK for a bit and they certainly used that popularity to charge a lot for their whiskies! You can pick up the standard ex-bourbon cask at auction for quite a bit less than retail now. But I was put off by lukewarm reviews.

As you say will be interesting to see if the distillery continues without it's owner.

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RianC replied

@Wierdo - same with a lot of new distilleries - the high prices; I doubt many will last due to this. Sure, folk buy the first releases, and pay a bit more for the novelty, but who is realistically going back for more over-priced young juice?

Thinking about it, if Bimber market this cannily i.e. Illegal stills, black market whisky or, simply, murder malts ... they might well profit from it! sweat_smile

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