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Bladnoch 11 year old Sherry Matured Sheep's label


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25th Jun 2013


Bladnoch 11 year old Sherry Matured Sheep's label
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I've been waiting for this for ages. A few months ago I ordered it online and it shipped to my friend in the US. A couple of months ago he brought it over, and we FINALLY got to sit down to a dram over Skype with two identical bottles from the same cask.

I haven't had a dram of Bladnoch in close to half a year. This is the 11 year old, probably distilled around the same time as the 10 year old I reviewed. It isn't the same. Each bottling will have variation as each is a single cask bottling. So even 2 10 year olds might taste different.

I'm happy to say that despite cask variation and an extra year of aging that the quality is still there. A little lighter than I remember (both in the nose and the palate), and perhaps a little less rich in the mouthfeel. But it remains a very good dram

I should note that Bladnoch uses NO CARAMEL and does not chill-filter. And the cask strength of these expressions are in the high 50s%, so at 55% what you taste is pretty much what it is.

Congratulations again Mr. Armstrong. My friend has recently received your 12 year old from my order. However, at the rate I drink and the rate of inflation I fear i may not be able to keep up.... for now I'm creating 2 collections: bottles to drink and one bottle of each year to save for a wonderful vertical tasting (after which we'll be horizontal) way in the future.

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Nozinan commented

Tonight, over 3 years after opening, I am sitting with my last 15 cc of this fantastic bottle, and I stand by the original score. It has maintained its quality over 3 years! It will be bittersweet (figuratively, no bitterness to this one) to finish this one. There is no way of knowing what the next bottle will taste like, even if it's an 11 YO, as all the bottlings are single cask and most were not numbered by the time I got them.

Then again, it will be an adventure, and hopefully my other 12 YO will take less than a year to settle down and be drinkable...

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