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Botanist Islay Dry Gin, from Bruichladdich

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talexander started a discussion

I just heard today that Bruichladdich has drafted a gin! Has ANYONE out there tried it yet? Or know anyone who has? Since the gin martini is my cocktail of choice.....I must know! Thanks.

12 years ago

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rwbenjey replied

I haven't, but I've almost pulled the trigger a few times because the bottle looks so cool : )

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cowfish replied

I've not tried it yet, but have heard generally good things (other than that it's a bit on the complex side due to having quite so many ingredients). My friend Neil's written about it over on his blog:


It might be a bit much for a Martini, but it depends on what you're looking for...

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We were very lucky and managed to try some on our Honeymoon in November just before it went on sale. Unfortunately we couldn't buy any at the time as they were arguing over what to put on the label otherwise I would have walked away with a case!! I must say I am a big fan, they use around 30 botanicals in the gin with many sourced from Islay. It is a very smooth drink (they didn't have any tonic so we had it neat), if you like gin I would definitely recommend trying a bottle. If you want it for a gin martini just don't overdo the vermouth, I would try it first either neat or with a good quality tonic to get the feel of the flavour.

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