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Bowmore 12 Year Old

Peat and Oak, yes please!

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dReview by @drteeth

5th Dec 2010


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I bought this bottle recently for a home tasting, without really knowing what to expect. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. I think this is a really beautiful scotch, especially considering the price range it is in. I have tasted much more expensive whiskies that would not hold a candle to this dram.

The whisky has a really beautiful color, but since caramel was added to it it doesn't really count. Tears are thin and quick.

The nose. First sniff: sea air! Fresh and salty, one could call it the smell of freedom. A second sniff reveals light smoke and some citrus. I would call this a very inviting nose. I could easily spend a night just smelling this.

Tasting the whisky, I find the main tastes to be soft peat, spices and some oak. Smooth, but but exciting. The texture of the whisky is slightly oily, but less so than, say, a laphroaig.

The finish leaves us with - at last - lots of peatiness, fighting with a mouthfull of oak over your tastebuds. There is some barley thrown in there. The dram finished dryly with the oak winning the battle.

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OJK commented

One of my favourite "everyday" single malts. The rest of the Bowmore range seems to struggle to live up to the quality of this 12 year old.

11 years ago 0

Carl commented

I agree very much with your review. Here is British Columbia, the price is $60.00CAD, which I consider exceptional value to this product. I tasted it at lunch today, for the first time, and preferred it over the 18 year old, which was offered to me at New Years. The 12 year is one of the best I have tried so far. I also concur with OJK in that respect: "The rest of the Bowmore range seems to struggle to live up to the quality of this 12 year old." I find that with more and more single malts, I prefer the younger ones. Cheers, Carl

11 years ago 0

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