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Bowmore 18 Year Old

Kinda funky!

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23rd Jan 2013


Bowmore 18 Year Old
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This is an interesting dram with a really nice nose and finish, but a so-so palate. Very different and unusual, but somewhat addictive with peat and dark fruit, kinda like the music of George Clinton (think Parliament or Funkadelics). When I drink it I think it is weird, but then a week or so later, I want it again. I think now I'll put on some "Atomic Dog" and chill. (Bow-wow-wow yipee-yo-ki-a).

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Victor commented

'Kinda Funky'? Well, it is BOWMORE, after all.

Bowmore is highly polarising, in general. I've always liked most of the Bowmores ok, but the 18 yo is pretty damned expensive for not being a lot different, or a lot better than, say, the 12 yo.

Thanks for your review, @Taco.

9 years ago 0

Taco commented

I like the 18 better than the 12 and 15 Darkest, but none of them enough to buy again.' I will say the 15's palate was the best of the three, but the nose and finish of the 18 was noticeably better. If Bowmore comes up with a bottle that has the better qualities of the three (18's nose and finish, 15's palate and the 12's price), I'd buy it.

9 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

If you can get your hands on Bowmore Laimrig, give it a try, It's my favourite of the 5-6 expressions I tried.

9 years ago 0