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Breuckelen Distilling 77 Whiskey Rye and Corn

The Former "White Wax"

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20th Nov 2012


Breuckelen Distilling 77 Whiskey Rye and Corn
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  • Brand: Breuckelen Distilling
  • ABV: 45%

Breuckelen Distilling Company in Brooklyn, New York distills this 77 Whiskey Rye and Corn from a mashbill of 90% Rye and 10% Corn. Breukelen does not say whether the rye is malted or whether enzymes are used to enhance the starch to sugar conversion. The BDC 77 Rye and Corn is "aged a minimum of 7 months in new American oak. The reviewed bottle was aged 267 days. The reviewed sample is from a newly opened bottle. This whiskey was formerly named "White Wax"

Nose: almost winey, with bourbon wood tones. The rye is subtle and in the background. Mildly pleasant, but gets much better after 5 minutes

Taste: first, strong bass notes from wood; intense rye spice comes out mid-delivery, accompanied by a searing spike of citrus. A little floral and perfumey. The wood notes are adequate but not too beautiful or refined. This is mostly to the sweet side, but with a little sour as well

Finish: perfumey and woody, with a little fruit; long and sweet finish, with the rye spices gradually tapering off

Balance: there is good sweet/dry balance, inclined more toward the sweet. Rye and wood seem to alternate more than to balance or harmonise with one another