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Bruichladdich Rocks

Simple and nice

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JReview by @Jason0142

27th Apr 2012


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Nose: Quite simple, a range of different jams, red fruits, slight maltyness and saltyness

Palate: Jams again, red fruits (stawberry's, Rassberrys ect.), hints of pepper, cooked vinilla.

Finish: Basically the same as the palate, fades to a vinilla sweetness.

Very simple but very nice. Cheep as well. I think I had the 2nd batch of this bottling.

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Yoghurtman commented

Just picked a bottle of this up last week and liked it very much. Did you try it with ice? Must admit this was a first time for me but there is an informative video from Jim McEwan, Brichladdich's Master Brewer on YouTube that suggested trying it on the rocks as an early evening drink and with a little water for later in the evening.

7 years ago 0

Jason0142 commented

I wish I did try it with ice, the whole reason why its called 'rocks' is because its designed to be taken with ice (or so I heard). I managed to finish the bottle before discovering this. Be sure to tell me what you think of it on ice vs neat.

7 years ago 0

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