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Buffalo Trace

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3rd Apr 2012


Buffalo Trace
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In my search for a great bourbon, I had seen many times the name of Buffalo Trace has high rated bourbons. When the SAQ announced the Buffalo Trace in their new arrivals, I jumped at the chance. The product was so new that the advisor had to get it in the warehouse. Cool, a bottle that didn't sit for months on the shelf. Brand new out of the box. Beautiful bottle but transparent. This is not what is best to protect from light. I also ask advisor what he thought about it, although suspecting that just out of the delivery truck, he would have no opinion. "I just know the Jack Daniels, it's the only one I drink." Okay, so I know more than him. Needless to dwell. I do not blame him but for beginners who would read to me, bourbon is whiskey, Jack Daniels is whiskey, but Jack Daniels is not bourbon. To be called bourbon, basically, a whiskey must contain 51% corn, have been aged in new American oak barrel (yes new, after it has served once, it cannot be used again for bourbon) for a minimum 3 years. This is not the case for the Jack. I'll come back on that subject another time. In short, I checkout (very reasonable $ 38) and I leave for home.

Little usual ceremony: I take the time to visit the website of the distillery . Interestingly, there is plenty of information on the manufacturing of the product. I read the label, it is bilingual. Although I am bilingual, I like that a company takes the time to translate its labels to sell its product in Quebec. It shows some effort to conquer me. I open the bottle .... Wow it smells good. Grain, caramel. Once the glass it's a little different. The alcohol and tannins appear. It is harsh. There is vanilla and I detect corn, wood and honey. I'm running the liquid in the glass and it sticks to the glass. Small drops are formed after a few seconds and run sloooowly along the glass.

In the mouth, agressive. This bourbon is 45%. The alcohol and tannins take over but behind I note the caramel and spice from the rye. I get my whisky stones to cool a little that aggressive "buffalo". Once calmed down, I note honey. I also can detect more the oak's flavor. The finish is short and it leaves a taste of woody-caramel.

A really great bourbon.

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