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Bushmills 10 Year Old (older mini at 43%)

2 Bushmills 10yo old minis - Part 2

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

28th Jul 2016


Bushmills 10 Year Old (older mini at 43%)
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Now here's the older mini of Bushmills 10 Year Old, bottled at 43%. We'll compare it to both the current bottling and the 40% older mini I just reviewed. Again, I don't know how old this bottling is.

The colour is a medium gold, a shade darker than the other mini (but identical to the current 40% bottling). On the nose I get a surprising amount of sherry, which I wasn't expecting! Darker honey, peaches, overripe banana and juicy malt. Not as floral as the other mini, and richer. A wee bit smoky on the nose with water. Again, closer in character to the current 40% bottling, but with a bit more sherry influence.

The palate is both meaty and fruity, and a little salty (prosciutto?), with some Irish peat winding through the background. Otherwise, the usual fruity and malty notes are there. Much richer than expected - quite extraordinary. Water gives everything more oomph. Closer to the other mini in terms of peat, but it has a richer mouthfeel than both 40% malts.

The finish is prickly and spicy, with light sherry and some oak...and mincemeat at the death (!) Hard to believe what 3% more alcohol can do! Seek out a 43% Bushmills 10 if you can - it's well worth it! I wish I had a regular bottle...alas, all that is left is in my glass.

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